Lucifer Season 2: God, the father of Lucifer and Amenadiel, was castrated

Cinema 20 February, 2017

Finally ! After many references, the father of Lucifer will land in the show and attention, the actor has just been castrated. Immediately discover her face!
The series has only good surprises! While Lucifer has just been renewed for a season 3 , another news has just fallen and so much that we have been waiting for it for quite a while. Lucifer’s father is very present in the show despite his physical absence. He is very often quoted and has a real influence on our King of Hell as well as on his brother and his mother. But we knew, God will soon land in the series and will also find his son. We are more than impatient to discover their reunion which is already announced electric and full of tension. Yes, but if we knew that his character would land in season 2 of Lucifer, we did not know the identity of the ”
Lucifer’s father should have an important place in the plot of the second part of season 2 of the show TV. Moreover, the character finally has a face since an actor was castrated to take this role. Who is he ? The suspense lasted enough and it is Timothy Omundson who will lend its features to God . The actor of 47 years has already played in many series like Newport Beach or Supernatural . According to EW , Timothy Omundson will interpret God Johnson, a patient in a psychiatric hospital who thinks he is God. It is described as charming and enigmatic but Lucifer will not want to believe that it is his father. Yet the patient will know certain details that only God can know. Is it really? To have. Waiting for more info, find out what’s going to happen in episode 14 of season 2 of Lucifer ! What do you think of this casting?