The avengers infinity war

The Avengers Infinity War: Black Panther’s sister to the cast?

We know, The Avengers: Infinity War should be intimately connected to Black Panther. A new proof of this connection would surface, teasing the ...

30 May, 2017
The Avengers Infinity War: The presence of two new superheroes teased by their weapons?

Decorating elements at California Disneyland Park could well tease the appearance of at least two new heroes in The Avengers: Infinity War!
As you ...

27 May, 2017
The Avengers Infinity War: A scene between Iron Man and Drax to be expected

Drax and Tony Stark, together in a scene, that's something we'd like to see. And, The Avengers: Infinity War will give us the opportunity!
If one ...

8 May, 2017
The Avengers Infinity War: Karen Gillan wants Nebula to own the Glove of the Infinite

What if Nebula would find himself in possession of the Infinity Glove in The Avengers Infinity War? This is in any case the wish of his interpreter ...

23 April, 2017
The Avengers Infinity War: What is the Black Order?

And yes, we are almost certain now that the Black Order will be present in The Avengers: Infinity War. But what is this group and what are its ...

10 April, 2017