The Avengers Infinity War: The presence of two new superheroes teased by their weapons?

Cinema 27 May, 2017

Decorating elements at California Disneyland Park could well tease the appearance of at least two new heroes in The Avengers: Infinity War!
As you know, the superheroes and villains we’ve seen come to life in the MCU are only a tiny fraction of the characters in the Marvel comic universe. There are a lot of other heroic figures who have not yet had the opportunity to shine, whether in the movies, on television with Agents of Shield or in the Netflix series. But by the way, The Avengers: Infinity War and its dozens of superheroes who are supposed to be present could serve as a springboard for some of these past unseen faces. Beginning with Captain Marvel, an emblematic figure in the universe whose arrival in The Avengers: Infinity War would have been teased by Stan Lee himself . But there are others of course! And it could be that the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakout at Disneyland Park in California has just teased the presence of two other superheroes from the Marvel universe . All thanks to accessories representing their weapons that have unveiled in photos.
Then of course, you recognize on these photos, which come straight from the site IGN, the Hammer of Thor … to a small detail near! Rather, it is a life-size replica of the Beta Ray Bill weapon , a superhero of Marvel comics from a semi-humanoid race called the Korbinites, whose powers resemble those of Thor . He is the only one to have lifted Mjolnir, before receiving as a gift from Odin the famous Stormbreaker, another magical hammer that shares many resembling the one seen in the picture. Called ” Asgardian Warhammer “, the weapon must in any case differ from Mjolnir himself. The other two weapons, on the other hand, Undoubtedly belong to Namor, the hero from the oceans. In any case, it seems that the little description accompanying it says: ” These mysterious artifacts have been discovered at the bottom of the ocean of the Earth. Very little is known about the civilization that created them “. What makes us think automatically of the Prince of the Sea, whose presence in The Avengers: Infinity War is at the heart of many rumors.
Of course, exposing these weapons in the middle of a Disneyland attraction does not necessarily mean much. However, the representatives of Disney and Marvel present at the scene would have entrusted IGN that, if some of these objects were there just for the fun, others … could teaser some elements of the future of the MCU . So inevitably, considering that the film of the Russo brothers promises to stage a certain number of superheroes, old as new, we think that there is perhaps a chance for these objects to announce well The arrival of Namor at least. There are many fans who would like to see the Prince of the Seas exchange a few words with the Avengers, or even fight with them as, For example at the huge catastrophe battle scene that was recently filmed in Atlanta. Wait and see , then. Especially since we can always count on The Avengers 4 to introduce new characters! What other Marvel superheroes would you like to see in the movie?