The Avengers Infinity War: Karen Gillan wants Nebula to own the Glove of the Infinite

Cinema 23 April, 2017

What if Nebula would find himself in possession of the Infinity Glove in The Avengers Infinity War? This is in any case the wish of his interpreter Karen Gillan!
In the comic book The Infinity Gauntlet , Nebula enjoys a battle between Thanos and Marvel heroes to capture the Glove of the Infinite. What if this situation took place in The Avengers Infinity War, whose romance between Vision and Scarlet Witch was teased on new photos ? This is one the wish of the person who interprets the character , Karen Gillan, according to a recent interview for Screen Rant . The actress explained to the journalists who questioned him on the subject “I hope, of course, it would be great!” When I was preparing to play Nebula for the first time, I read The Infinity Gauntlet. Liked it because Nebula appeared as a strong character and yes,
Karen Gillan then explained that given the secret nature of the script, she could not yet know if this situation would take place in Infinity War . One thing is for sure: this huge super-heroic meeting will be full of surprises for the fans. Several actors, nevertheless behind main characters, do not yet know the plot of The Avengers Infinity War whose link between Thanos and the Stones of the Infinite was teased by Josh Brolin . Nebula could well be very important and his encounter with the Avengers proved to be decisive. To discover Infinity War , it will have to be patient since it will not be released until April 2018. What do you think?