Infinity War

The Avengers Infinity War: What future for Falcon after the movie?

Will Hawk die in The Avengers Infinity War? His interpreter, Anthony Mackie, responded to this thorny question among fans ...
The next Avengers may ...

25 March, 2017
The Avengers Infinity War: A female character of Thor Ragnarok at the casting?

In a recent interview, an actress of Thor 3 Ragnarok may have revealed to be casting The Avengers 3 Infinity War!
With Infinity War , the big boss ...

15 March, 2017
The Avengers 3 Infinity War: A massive blockbuster?

The Avengers 3 Infinity War, heroic blockbuster will have a huge budget? This is what the first figures seem to indicate!
Hang on, because the ...

8 March, 2017
The Avengers 3 Infinity War: What is the real goal of Thanos?

Thanos wants to get his hands on the Stones and Glove of Infinity in The Avengers 3: Infinity War. But what does he intend to do and what is his ...

21 February, 2017
The Avengers 3 Infinity War: The shooting start date unveiled

It's not too early ! The Avengers 3 Infinity War has been heard for many years, but the shooting is about to begin!
Little by little, the Stones of ...

19 December, 2016