The Avengers Infinity War: What future for Falcon after the movie?

Cinema 25 March, 2017

Will Hawk die in The Avengers Infinity War? His interpreter, Anthony Mackie, responded to this thorny question among fans …
The next Avengers may be very complicated for heroes. The latter will face a rather formidable enemy, Thanos, and many of them may die as a result of this adventure . Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Vision, The Red Witch … nobody is safe from dying under the onslaught of an uncompromising and merciless enemy. Anthony Mackie, the Hawk’s interpreter, returned to The Avengers Infinity War, where a female character from Thor Ragnarok might be at a Q & A at Wizard World Cleveland . The question was about the fate of his character in the film (then then) so if you want to avoid spoilers , we advise you to stop there!
Anthony Mackie told the fans: “I only read 5 pages of the script and they were really good, but I was alive in those 5 pages, it’s in my contract, I’m not dying. I’m not going anywhere . ” This is news that should reassure future viewers of The Avengers Infinity War, whose first photo of Vision on the set is available . Of course, there is no indication that the winged hero will not perish during the next MCU movies, but for Infinity War , it’s already folded! With this film, Kevin Feige makes a big bet: to bring together the most superheroes of the universe Marvel in a huge film with a colossal budget.