The Bachelorette, season “historic” for causing the controversy

Art 12 July, 2017
  • Photo Courtesy ABC
    The first Bachelorette black, Rachel Lindsay, talking.

    Marc-André Lemieux

    Wednesday, 12 July 2017 21:21

    Wednesday, 12 July 2017 21:21

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    Qualified as” historic ” because it puts the spotlight on his first candidate black, reality tv loving The Bachelorette wipes severe criticism in the United States.

    One accuses the show of exploiting the racial issue to inflate its ratings. The adventure had begun. This winter, the announcement of the recruitment of Rachel Lindsay, a young black woman from Texas, had been warmly welcomed. It should be said that after 12 seasons, it was about time that The Bachelorette is diversifying its casting.

    Things, however, are quickly ruined, in particular due to the recruitment of challengers, including a candidate a racist. Worse still, despite a more than questionable, this last remained in the program for several weeks. In addition to spending his time to harass the pretenders black of Rachel, the “country boy” in Nashville made headlines when former tweets racist, sexist, and homophobic surfaced.

    The bosses at the ABC network have stated that they were unaware of the existence of messages at the time of the hearings, but they are not believed because a simple search on Twitter would have been enough to discover the pot to the roses.


    Since the entry in the wave of UnREAL, this series of fiction who likes to show the underside of a reality tv love as The Bachelor, we look at the emissions of the genre with much more cynicism.

    Because we know now how things really work : the producers pulling the strings to create twists and turns that will provoke reactions and polariseront the public… as to keep a competitor controversial as long as possible to feed into the discussion.

    That’s why many media have turned against this edition of the popular dating show : behind what was perceived as a very nice step forward (the first Bachelorette black) was hiding a crass ploy to boost the audience.


    In the beginning of the season, Rachel Lindsay had shared his fears about the adventure that awaited him. Be the “first Bachelorette black” was a role sometimes heavy to carry, had she entrusted. In an interview to the Hollywood Reporter, the candidate star had reported that she felt a lot of pressure from Afro-Americans to choose a candidate black.