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Art 15 July, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Daniel Mallard
    Maxime Hokayem and Deryk Hooker are delighted by the arrival of their little
    “rocker “. Even if Felixe Amelia is old as of a few days, she has already made experience great emotions to his parents.

    Sophie Side

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:00

    Sunday, 16 July 2017 00:00

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    The small Felixe Amelia Hooker was able to get out of the way of a rock star to his coming into the world : the waters of his mother have punctured on the Plains in full sight of the Who Thursday, on the notes of “Behind Blue Eyes”.

    “My plan personally, it was a joke, it was to lose my water for the show to Muse on the 16th of July, because it was my due date and this is my band favorite ! “explains with a laugh the new mom of Quebec, Maxime Hokayem, lying on his hospital bed, his small treasure well nestled against his chest.

    The music seems to be intimately linked to the fate of the small. It all starts with its design, during the holidays of the couple to San Diego in California.

    “It was the home of the parents of my boyfriend, who are big fans of The Who,” says the mom of 32 years, alongside her husband, Deryk Hooker, a former player of the Capitals of Quebec.

    “As a duchess of the Carnival “

    Thursday evening, the couple chooses to go on the Plains to see the favorite band of the parents of Deryk.

    The latter, jealous of their luck, wanted videos. But while The Who was to betray him-Behind Blue Eyes, one of the most successful of the group, the pregnant wife of 39 weeks and four days loses its waters, while she was on the mound back in the section, well away from the scene.

    “I told my boyfriend not to panic !” she says, adding that she wanted to walk to his car.

    Exit on a stretcher

    She was eventually put on a stretcher by the team of St. John Ambulance. She walked through the crowd this way before and be able to leave in an ambulance.

    “A guy with a whistle splitting the crowd like Moses, laughs the young woman. The show went on and everybody thought I was pointing at. I wasn’t contractions, I felt like I was a duchess of the Carnival ! “, she says.

    Such a rock star, “everyone applauded and encouraged,” says in the language of Shakespeare and his spouse, who admits to being “freaked out” at the time.

    She was born… after Metallica

    The arrival of the little girl, their first child, seemed imminent, but she knew how to wait as a feature for a reminder. Not less than 28 hours of hard labour were required to bring it to the world, so that Felixe Amelia was born at 2 a.m. Saturday, a few hours after the performance of Metallica… a band formed in California, the very place of his conception. The little one is in full health.

    “It rockait a lot in my belly, says Maxime. I’m listening to music loud in the car and she loved it to give shots. I think it’s going to be a little baby that tripe music. “

    One thing seems clear, remarked jokingly to mom, ” she has chosen the music of his grandparents, rather than our own ! “

    Now, remains to be seen if the small will have blue eyes… like his father.


    The music flows in the veins

    The small is designed in the California home of his paternal grandparents, big fans of The Who.

    Thursday, 13 July, 22:

    Her mum loses its water on the Plains for Behind Blue Eyes by The Who

    Friday, July 14

    The small leaves inadequate such a rock star for a reminder…

    Thursday, July 15, 1: 52 in the morning

    After 28 hours of work, Felixe Amelia comes into the world to the hospital of Saint Francis of Assisi, Quebec