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Art 15 July, 2017
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    Marie-France Lambert

    Louise Bourbonnais

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    What is your recent blow to the heart of literature?

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    The handmaid’s tale


    I’m currently reading the novel by Margaret Atwood, The handmaid’s tale, which is a very nice summer reading. In fact, there is a series broadcast on Bravo, which is drawn from this novel. I like so much the series that I find it hard to wait the following week to the other. From there the idea of me purchased the novel, which is also more fleshed out. The story is set in the United States in the near future in a world that looks like us, in which a totalitarian regime dominates, which will ensure that women will lose all their rights. They can no longer work, or even have a bank account. A real nightmare. We note, moreover, that, even today, in the matter of abortion, many men are involved.

    What is the movie you want to see?

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    The Lovers


    I’m intrigued by the film, the Lovers, with actress Debra Winger that I really like a lot and that we had not seen for an eternity in the cinema. The story is about a couple worn out and they both have extramarital relationships. They will eventually betray their lovers, and reconnect with their passion lost and find yourself. This is the next movie to see on my list.

    What is the show that you recommend?

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    The show Baby-sitter that has been presented at Théâtre La Licorne and which will appear from 25 July. I saw this piece last may. It is written by Catherine Léger, a young author brilliant. It is funny and biting. There is a question of feminism and some men who were misogynist in spite of themselves, unable to get rid of their genetic inheritance. We address this topic which is delicate of a little while going to look for the deeper emotions. I was charmed by this piece. The actress Isabelle Brouillette is a producer and sharing the stage, especially with David Boutin. It’s the candy, you have to see it !

    What is the tv series that you’ve loved follow?

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    Letting go


    I had a blow of heart for the series Let go of Isabelle Langlois. I love his writing and I love the actors Sophie Cadieux and Sylvie Léonard. Indeed, the entire cast is excellent. It addresses a topic of heavy depression, but in a playful way. I very much look forward to following the season 2. Otherwise, I really like the series by Jean-Marc Vallée, Big Little Lies.

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    Big Little Lies


    What is the music that you take pleasure to listen to?

    I love classical music and I just downloaded the album Concertos for horn and Mozart. Under the direction of the Violons du Roy, there are the horn-player Louis-Philippe Marsolais, and the bassoonist Matthew Lussier. I mention this because this is quebec and it is a very great beauty. I have been attracted to this music because of the French Horn that is present. I am more sensitive to this instrument since my daughter started to practice it.

    It follows Marie-France Lambert

    • It is the distribution of the part The 3 tenors, and surrounded by six actors, including Benoît Brière, Luc Guérin and Martin Drainville. It is on display at the Théâtre du Vieux-Terrebonne in additional until 26 August.
    • Always with the theatre, we find it in the room I disappear at Prospero in September.
    • On the small screen, the actress is the distribution of the series with the aid of Beatrice.