The groove of Di Astronauts

Art 16 July, 2017
  • Sandra Godin

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 23:33

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 23:33

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    Impossible not to groove with the collective Di Astronauts, which has transformed the heart of the FEQ, Saturday, dance floor.

    In the eclectic group of Quebec, the genres blend to perfection. Di Astronauts is trained by Lou Belanger, BoB Bouchard, Marième and the Jamaican Papa T. and Sabrina Sabotage, among others.

    The group launched its first album, Lova Notes & Outta Space Poems, in January last, under the label Coyote Records.

    As to the sound of Di Astronauts, there’s no doubt that the group bears his name. The sounds are futuristic, but at the same time hip-hop and reggae. How not to dance ?

    A few hundreds of curious gathered in front of the stage are déhanchés and have groové the sound of music Di Astronauts. “I want that you formed as a group of zumba this evening,” asked Marième in the beginning of the service.

    Warm atmosphere

    All dressed in yellow, the singer warmed up the crowd with the piece Green yellow red as she was in 2011 on his eponymous album.

    Later, she also offered the rooms sunny for his solo projects, while Lou Belanger, and BoB Bouchard, were behind the turntables.

    Sabrina Sabotage has taken over with Feelin’ Better, the first radio single of the group. For the portions more reggae, the voice of Dad T. is just perfect. The band of music lovers has also extensively drawn into a directory of hip-hop.

    The wings of an angel electro

    The group has also taken over the air of the room on The wings of an angel Charlebois, but in a version of electro that takes your breath away.

    At the time of writing these lines, hundreds of people were massed in front of the stage dancing.

    The group has certainly all the tools to make up a crowd and raise the temperature.