The LG G6 could come out sooner than expected

Techno 26 December, 2016

The LG G6 should be presented to the MWC before being marketed in the wake. The Taiwanese manufacturer would thus be ahead of its competitors.
LG will begin 2017 with 5 new smartphones at the CES in Las Vegas, 4 in the K series and the new Stylus 3. But the mid-range devices are not the only project of the Taiwanese manufacturer for the coming weeks From there … At the MWC, it is the LG G6 that should point the end of its hull. And unlike its predecessor, which recently hosted Android Nougat , the new flagship could benefit from an early exit. The goal for LG? Get ahead of its competitors, especially on the Galaxy S8 whose presentation would have been postponed. The LG G6 could land at the end of February. The year 2017 promises to be very interesting.

The LG G6 could be marketed as of the end of February

Presented during the MWC 2016, the LG G5 did not receive a warm welcome as expected by the Asian manufacturer. This is why it has decided to release its LG G6 faster, if one believes ETNews . According to the South Korean site, LG would already surrounded suppliers it needs, and is preparing to launch production of its device . The LG G6 could thus be marketed just after being presented at the high-tech trade fair in Barcelona at the end of February, while the LG G5 had arrived in the market only in April. You understood, the manufacturer who mocked explosions Galaxy Note 7 will do everything to stand out from its competitors in 2017. In meltyStyle can not wait to see what the LG G6 was in the belly. Interested in the future Taiwanese flagship?