The Marseillais South America: Julien couple with Liam? Manon arrives on set

Art 14 December, 2016

Julien regret of not being in a relationship with Manon. Result: The young woman arrives on the South America Marseille turning to put things flat with the Frate.

In a few days, the Marseillais will be back in France after more than a month of shooting in Argentina. A shoot that was obviously very hectic … According to initial indiscretions Paga misled Adixia, a candidate would have left South America Marseille adventure along the way and Julien misled Manon with Liam. The latter has even refused to have Manon on the phone to explain it! The pretty brunette has decided to leave the star candidate W9 starting to settle in Los Angeles. But then, Julien seems to regret his infidelity! According Jeremstar the Frate had even called his ex to try to win her back .

Julien and Manon
The blogger explains . “According to my proprietary information, Manon flew there a few hours to integrate shooting Contacted at the last minute last night, she accepted the proposal of production come to settle his Julien accounts (…) Julien would indeed stopped any rapprochement with Liam and tried to get back to Manon by phone. initially very cold and distant, she finally agreed to a confrontation with him on the show (…) Julien hopes to win her back and told several candidates he was sorry and that she missed him terribly. ” That promises an explosive adventure! And if not, melty offers to test your knowledge of the first indiscretions of South America Marseille . What do you think of the arrival of Manon?