The narcissism of Mélanie Joly

Art 12 July, 2017
  • Sophie Durocher

    Wednesday, 12 July, 2017 05:00

    Wednesday, 12 July, 2017 05:00

    Look at this article

    We all know that Justin Trudeau is addicted to selfie. This man is mirrored in its virtual mirror like Narcissus is amourachant of his reflection in the water. But did you know that our Heritage minister, Mélanie Joly, is suffering from the same syndrome ?

    If you follow social media, you will not learn much about the cultural policies of the country, but everything about her look, her hair, her trips to the four corners of the country. “Me, me, me. Me, myself and I “. In the two official languages.

    Definitely, this government is really one of the oversized ego, the narcissism built up into a system and Culture of the selfie.

    A “KID KODAK” ?

    Three-quarters of the interventions of the minister are pictures of it. Melanie opened a centre, Melanie cutting ribbons, Melanie emissions of the hands. Misery ! I understand that she is beautiful, but is it necessary to document the lesser of its facts and gestures are featuring in each of his photos ? Is it a feature of reality in a lot of public recognition or a federal minister in charge of records crucial ?

    Last week, our minister of the Selfie has published the tweet : “What a pleasure to spend time with one of my canadian artists favorite, Wanda Koop, in his beautiful studio in Winnipeg “.

    How must feel the other artists who are not among the favourites of the minister ? I thought that the Heritage minister was not supposed to have favorites, but, on the contrary, represent all of the canadian artists. A minister of Heritage who has pets and who admits on Twitter, it is as a minister of Finance who would write : “What a pleasure to spend time with one of my canadian entrepreneurs favorite… “

    But this is not all. Mélanie Joly is also a retweeteuse compulsive everything that concerns it. If someone, somewhere, said the beginning of the beginning of a comment is positive about it, she relayed on Twitter. This woman does she not have better things to do than look in a mirror ? Does it not folders pressing to adjust policies to advance, budgets to balance ?


    Not later than the last week, Joseph Facal, has seriously damaged the minister Joly in The Newspaper saying, ” Mélanie Joly, who speaks to say nothing, and speaks badly, is in charge of official languages is powerfully revealing of the importance given to the issue “.

    How did the main concerned ? She has “liked” a tweet of a Canadian anonymous who wrote : “I like to Mélanie Joly, it well represents my generation. “

    Uh, it represents your generation, a minister who “speaks to say nothing, and speaks evil” ?

    Mélanie Joly was so happy that someone is speaking well of her that she has forgotten that she came to agree more with the about devastating a columnist…

    That is what he said, The Fountain, The crow and the fox ? “Every flatterer lives at the expense of those who listen. “