The TGV (tv speed)

Art 15 July, 2017
  • Marc-André Lemieux

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 15 July 2017 06:00

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    The era of “binge watching” is over. Welcome to the age of ” speed watching “.

    In 2017, it is no longer enough to watch his favorite series in burst shots of three or four episodes per day. It is necessary to view them at speed large V. as absurd as it may seem, the practice of speed watching is to watch programs on an accelerated basis, that is to say, by increasing the scrolling of the images. A bit like if you weigh it on “fast forward” on your remote control.

    This phenomenon has been recognized by several publications across the world. In the United States, the Washington Post has even published a folder that is very well documented in which they boasted the merits of the process.

    The daily relied in particular on a study by the american Association of psychology, 1997, in which we noted that listening to five replicas in the fast mode to increase the understanding of the rest of the speech of 15 %.

    Forbes was also interested in the ” speed watching “. According to the magazine financial, the try it is to adopt. “The more you continue to look more accelerated, and more higher speeds become easy to manage, said the journalist. I practice the speed watching for the past two years and I am now able to watch any program at a speed two times higher than recommended. “


    Once mastered, the speed watching would allow you to watch up to two times more emissions. What delight the persons reached of the syndrome of FOMO (Fear of missing out, or fear of missing something, in French).

    At a time when good series abound, listening at a brisk pace, would give you the chance to be able to integrate a larger number of titles to your calendar. You will be able to participate in virtually each of the conversations télécentriques in the office. Finished the time where you spend 15 minutes smiling in silence during a lively discussion on Game of Thrones at lunch time. You’ll finally have the time to type in this drama fantastico-medieval everyone is talking about.

    How to do it ?

    Several tools are at your disposal to speed up videos you are watching. Some platforms, such as YouTube make it easier for their users. A click on the “settings” tab and all is revealed.

    For Netflix and company, however, things are slightly more complex. Fortunately, Google has created an extension module that is able to increase the speed of videos viewed on the internet. Look for “Video Speed Controller” in Chrome, download the program and you are in the saddle. Good news : according to the comments of the users of the device, it is very easy to configure and works very well.


    The speed watching does, however, require a high-level attention. If you have the habit of watching your programs in doing the household or any other household chore related, forget it. Same thing for those who like to eat during ” the act “. Between bites of shepherd’s pie, you may be completely dropped if you turn away the eyes of the small screen. And please, put away your smart phone. Speed watching and texting don’t mix.

    Of course, some series lend themselves to this exercise more than others. If you are a novice in the quick play, we suggest you start with a series less verbose than Gilmore Girls, say. The pace of the dialogues in the soap opera of Amy Sherman-Palladino is so frantic that you never have the time to understand all the tasty nods to the culture if you look at the episodes in mode a brisk pace.

    Series the natural pace slower as Mad Men and The blue hour would be more appropriate.

    You hesitate to try ? Please be aware that we sometimes look series accelerated without realizing it. Indeed, some broadcasters may increase slightly the speed of their programs to be able to insert more advertisements. Of course, we are talking about an increase hardly noticeable, nothing alarming. But the day where Guylaine Tremblay sound like a Chipmunk in Unit 9, we will begin to ask questions.