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    Friday, 14 July, 2017 07:14

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 07:14

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    The legendary american education Metallica will be performing on the plains of Abraham, Friday, in the margins of their tour of WorldWired.

    After visiting Seoul, Copenhagen, Mexico city and Buenos Aires at the beginning of the year 2017, the quartet has begun serving a north american tour in Baltimore on the 10th of may last.

    Since that time, critics have been unanimous in the place of the Worldwired Tour: all agree that it is a great show, possibly “the best-crafted” in the group’s history, argue some observers.

    So here is the account of the criticisms made by the american media about the most recent tour from Metallica, who will stop Friday at the Quebec city summer Festival.


    The Rolling Stones (Baltimore, may 10, 2017)

    “It was a larger-than-life for a group larger than nature.”

    “This show was Metallica at its best : giant screens that seemed to be 100 feet, the bass and the guitar that we feel to the depths of his bowels, and pyrotechnics, including flames high of 12 metres.”

    “The crowd was in symbiosis with the group of the first note of the show until the last.”

    “Metallica has offered its fans a choice of songs wise, which included One, Master of Puppets and Fade To Black. They have played almost half of the songs on The Black Album.”

    “The members of the group seem to really enjoy the moment […] At the end of the show, they walked on stage for four minutes, throwing hundreds of guitar picks, and all this for that many fireworks continued to illuminate the sky.”

    To read the review in full, click here.


    Washington Times (Arlington, June 16, 2017)

    “The quartet went to a performance that is extremely energetic, without any stop, in which the members play as if there was no tomorrow, going through their four decades of rock, ranging from Kill Em All up to Hardwired.”

    “The sequence to the battery for Now That We’re Dead well represents the style of metal for which they are recognized. It was one of the moments most inspiring and unexpected, which represents a good example of how the four members are musicians extraordinaire.”

    “Even if they are in the fifties, the group still refuses to apologize for being what they are.”

    “Metallica went without a hitch until the end of the concert, remaining just as hard-rock, proving that age is only a number.”

    To read the review in full, click here.


    CBS Philadelphia (Philadelphia, may 12, 2017)

    “As soon as they arrive on scene, you understand why they carry this image so strong.”

    “Whether they are young or old, fans of Metallica are all wearing their sweaters 20-year-old as if they were trophies, and insist continually, in order to determine who has seen them the most often.”

    “In this show, there is something to please all kinds of fans of Metallica.”

    “There’s a different energy that surrounds the group now. Despite the adrenaline, the atmosphere is changed from danger to joy. It is easy to see how the four members of the group have the pleasure to do this show. It is an emotion fully deserved after nearly 35 years of career.”

    To read the review in full, click here.


    Chicago Now (Chicago, June 18, 2017)

    “This is possibly the show’s best-crafted of the history of the group.”

    “Like Iron Maiden, Metallica used his tour to promote his most recent album. However, the difference with Iron Maiden is that Metallica plays a lot more of their old songs.”

    “This tour of the band focuses mainly on their classic. […] It is rather surprising to see how well the new songs fit nicely with the old.”

    “This show has the allure of a well-oiled machine. Members play for over two hours as if nothing had happened.”

    To read the review in full, click here.


    Miami New Times (Miami Gardens, July 7, 2017)

    “This concert is impressive simply due to the fact that the people on site buy the last album of the group, rather than download it.”

    “Unlike shows like those of Beyonce or Coldplay, the group has a base of fans strong enough to easily populate large areas such as football stadiums.”

    “Without surprise, several spectators wore t-shirts that seemed older than the members of the group.”

    “A show of Metallica, it is an experience of dizzying and visceral, which looks a little like a fight scene between two armies, the barbarians, who would be interrupted by a swarm of bees and a race of monster trucks.”

    To read the review in full, click here.

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