Thunder Bay: a company of the Montérégie region will produce the largest fireworks display in Canada

Art 14 July, 2017
  • Shanny Hallé – QMI Agency

    Friday, 14 July 2017 19:45

    Friday, 14 July 2017 19:45

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    SAINT-PIE – Saint-Pie, in Montérégie region, will produce nothing less than the largest fireworks display in Canada. It’s going to happen in Thunder Bay as part of the 150th anniversary of Canada.

    Four hundred bombs will color the sky of this city of north-western Ontario, on July 21.

    “Very intense! People are going to do “Wô”! It’s going to be huge,” said Yanick Roy, president of Royal Fireworks.

    Most of the workers of Royal Pyrotechnie are already parties in Thunder Bay.

    “It is a challenge that is very different. This is not at the door. It takes 20 hours to ride there. The fireworks are already gone, some by plane, others by truck. Besides, the trucks, it’s been already two days that they are gone. It’s going to last a week. Then, it is the disassembling, so you have people who are going to be there for 10 days for the show. It is, therefore, yes, a big challenge”, explained Mr. Roy.

    The family business has been preferred to a dozen bidders. A lucrative contract, but for reasons of business, Royal Pyrotechnie has not divulged the amount.

    Preparations have started for several months. The assembly, preparation and shipment of the equipment. It is a race against the clock.

    Among the equipment used, there are the “bombs” of 12 inches in diameter, that is placed in the cylinder. What are the biggest allowed in Canada. They reach 1,200 feet in the sky.

    At the cutting edge of the technology, the equipment allows to perform pyrotechnic shows more and more impressive.

    “We are artisans of the sky, one wants to give pleasure to people, we wants to burn dreams in the memory of people, we want to leave our mark,” added Mr. Roy.

    For the amount of explosives, this will be a canadian record: 13 200 pounds of explosives, 5000 metres of cables and 45,000 pounds of equipment.