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Art 14 July, 2017
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    Sophie Durocher

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 05:00

    Friday, 14 July, 2017 05:00

    Look at this article

    Are you sitting comfortably ? Take a small herbal tea, breathe in through the nose, I have small news for you.

    The slogan of the Games of the canadian francophonie, which is taking place right now in Moncton-Dieppe, New Brunswick, is… ” Right Proud ! “.

    You read that right. A slogan franglais to celebrate the Francophonie. A word in English, a word of French. An expression wobbly which means nothing to the majority of francophones.

    So, are you fell down of your chair ?


    This slogan is in chiac, joual of New Brunswick, the only bilingual province of Canada.

    According to the site Acadieman, it uses the word “right” to say much, very, as in the expression : “It was right weird “.

    I want to although we had the “talk” is separate from this province, where Marie-Jo Thério and Lisa LeBlanc, and where it says ” I like the way that a hang “, “Grab my purse” and ” You lit your smoke “.

    But what, exactly, is it appropriate to use an English word for a celebration of the francophonie ? Good example of assimilation. It’s like in Louisiana, misery !

    But hey, I know what I’m going to make a reply. As they say in Acadia, ” You’re all the time after complainer about what “.


    The most ridiculous in all this, is that the slogan has been chosen by young people to represent the way in which they express themselves. Melissa Martel, president of the Games of the canadian francophonie 2017, told Radio-Canada :

    “It is not that they are silent in French. They are talking about when even in French. It is for this reason that we need to enhance the way they speak.”

    So why not “Yo, bro, chill with us, kind, full” as the slogan for the next Games of the canadian francophonie ?

    There is no one in the organization who said, “the English advance across the French-speaking countries are weakened by the steamroller of English, they have difficulty obtaining services in French in all provinces, we should keep a little discomfort, and have a slogan that encourages young people to speak French and not a boiled franglaise” ?

    The Games continue until July 15. On Wednesday, Radio-Canada published on its website an interview with representatives of Quebec who said they did not understand the slogan #RightFiers. “They tell us to speak French, but put affairs in English “, said a participant. “This is really stupid, because it is the “Games of the canadian francophonie”. Right, it doesn’t report in there “, said another.


    How can we be surprised that this beautiful youth can stumble along in franglais ? In her video-tour of Moncton, the minister of canadian Heritage and official Languages Mélanie Joly we announced : “Tomorrow, I comes to you with good news, so stay tuned “.

    When the minister herself cheering for you, in English, stay tuned for an announcement about the francophone world, you know you’re ” in business “.