Tribute to the musicals by Gardy Fury

Art 19 July, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Sebastien St-Jean
    Gardy Fury

    Bruno Lapointe

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 22:39

    Tuesday, 18 July 2017 22:39

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    “I’m a tightrope walker. I like to be constantly in balance between two worlds, ” says Gardy Fury. And this summer, he will ride those of humour and music with his performances at Just for laughs and Zoofest.

    In the musical theater world has no more secrets for Gardy Fury. Since 2004, he has been seen in Hairspray, Rent, Sister Act and Grease, to name a few. Its presence in Grease has also been welcomed many times over, both by the public and critics, while revealing to the general public.

    “Musicals are one of the important parts of my career “, demonstrates-does it humbly.

    Hairspray and company

    Thus, he will pay homage to the greatest of them, on the 28th of July next, with the show Dance your life ! From Hairspray to Fame, passing by Singin’ in the Rain, Gardy Fury would revisit some of the tunes well known to us who is running the crowds of Broadway, from yesterday to today.

    Not need to be a connoisseur of musicals to find his account, ensures Gardy Fury. Itself was not the biggest fan of this art before landing his first role in the quebec version of Rent, 13 years ago.

    “I had seen and loved a few in the past, but I didn’t grow up in this culture. I was more intrigued by the artists with complete and very theatrical as Prince, David Bowie and Michael Jackson “, he explains.

    The hearing

    But in order to compete for these roles who have done it know, Gardy Fury has had to pass through several auditions over the years. And it is these experiences that have inspired the show he presented at Zoofest this year. Title : The audition, simply.

    “It is a spectacle very different, experimental even. People will be able to discover my next story-teller and to learn more about who I am, where I come from. But all this, accompanied by music, of course ! “, he says.

    The spectacle of The Hearing is presented until Saturday at Café Cleopatra and Sunday at the Monument-National. Dance your life ! will be presented on July 28, on the scene Videotron Just for laugh festival.