Véronique Cloutier, with or without filter

Art 5 December, 2016

animatrice-veronique-cloutier-alimente-elleVéronique Cloutier manages her own social networks. While continuing the tour on stage Morissette , overseeing the February launch of its web Vero.tv chain and preparing his new weekly show (live from January 11 on CBC). Your beautiful program will be a mix of talk show, variety numbers and comment on matters of public concern. “As to my personal Facebook thread,” she said.

Marc Cassivi: Like many artists, you have a Facebook page and a private page, where it seems to have more access than you really are. How important is it for you to maintain this “split personality”?

Véronique Cloutier: There is a very clear difference between the two. When I created my private account, I accepted, in addition to my relatives and my family, that people who know me and understand my humor can follow me. People who know that even if I laugh at such a thing, it does not make me a bad person. People doing things in perspective. It is not possible on a “fan page” when visited more than 300 000 subscribers. I am no longer on my sarcasm “fanpage” because it is not grasped by everyone. It’s okay, it’s okay. But I learned to protect myself. I did not want to waste energy to justify my jokes. That’s why I have two accounts. My public account, it’s me, but with a filter.

Marc Cassivi: Is it necessary for an artist in its management of social networks, to have a “filter”?

Véronique Cloutier: It’s very ironic because my career in general, in recent years …

Marc Cassivi: There are fewer filter …

Véronique Cloutier: Yes! In my career decisions in my interviews, I have much less. I’m much assumed. But on social networks, people’s access is too direct. And with the writing, no tone, facial expression: the second level pass less. Especially today with the proliferation celebrity gossip sites. They take all our bylaws to make new and “clickbait”. They make a sensational headline: “Veronica is not going well at all.” You click and you realize that it’s a pun. I censor myself for these reasons. It takes too much juice and it does tempt me more.

Marc Cassivi: If you had to give advice to young artists, it would be this: do not forget your filter on the social networks?

Véronique Cloutier: Absolutely. In addition, it is the perfect tool to keep control over what you want to show and what you do not want to show. I find it sad, sometimes to see people that open too much. Then it is used against them. It is taken on what to gossip and they scandalized. Write it not! I read Safia Nolin, this week. A gossip site resumed Instagram posts on his love life. She comments below: “Can you tell me squealing patient!” I understand how she feels, but I think it is wrong. It will not change. It is now part of our reality. It is for you to suit you. gossip sites exist. You can try it, find it highly questionable, but it is the work of these people. It is for you to not give them ammunition. Create a private account or not talking about your private life. I do not say it unkindly. I certainly did not attack me Safia Nolin!

Marc Cassivi: Try to keep control over his image, it is not easy …

Véronique Cloutier: It’s us to use social networks intelligently. It suits us when these sites then we remind tickets or discs for sale, or we have a new issue at such an hour. The Morissette is a successful social networks. […] It is true that it will keep a link with the public. I answer to almost everyone. I am very active on my page. This is a very sincere relationship. But it is also a promotional tool. I can not complain when the photo of my kids backstage is resumed. I knew what I was doing by putting it there. If I publish it, is that I assume that it will be resumed and that it does not matter.

Marc Cassivi: Why do you feel you have to open to the public on your privacy?

Véronique Cloutier: I do not have to. I built my career on my proximity to the public. It was like that before social networks. It’s just an extension of that relationship. A new way to maintain it. I give, but not both. On my “fanpage”, the posts on my personal life are scarce. Like everyone else, I am proud of my children, of my family, but I restrain myself. Because if I listened only that side of me, I would put all the time. I do from time to time by generosity. Because the people who follow me for 23 years have not followed me just to buy my tickets, but because they were attached to me. In the street, people do not deal with Louis as they approach myself. I appreciate this report, and I maintain it. I like the sister or stepsister, or granddaughter, or cousin. I must stay that way on social networks. I can not be a woman-sandwich. I try to find a balance. But it sure is taken when everywhere is less tempting to put his personal life.

Marc Cassivi: You spoke of your children. They are for example the cover of the latest issue of your magazine. You open the door to what they do criticize, too …

Véronique Cloutier: It’s been a huge reflection. But we liked that idea. Christmas is a family celebration and I am a mother of three. What do you want me to say? I will not pretend I do not celebrate Christmas with my children. This is the first time in three years that I allow myself.

No one can blame me for using my children to sell my magazines.

It’s the same for my clothing collection. My youngest took pictures for the Christmas collection last year. I try to be careful.

Marc Cassivi: Are we thee criticized?

Véronique Cloutier: No. But I am very conscious that if I expose my children, I accept that they are in the public eye. They “belong” now, somehow, to popular opinion. I have to live with that. I’m not even tell me that my children were ugly or had the air idiots or they were pitiful. Good. They ask a lot these matters with Louis. When you make a public profession, you try to detach yourself from popular opinion, but at the same time, your career is based on it. It is a kind of tango. People who do not like me will never love me. I found it difficult Safia Nolin write a letter to try to defend and convince people she was right. At first it was a naive kind that makes you think you can convince people one by one. It does not work.

Marc Cassivi: It’s hard not to be affected by the insults …

Véronique Cloutier: I agree to tell you about it because it’s part of a file, but in an interview on TV or radio, I no longer speak of it. I think we had quite says it is not funny and that the world is not ending ben on social networks. It has been said again and again. It will not change that. It will not improve. It’s a necessary evil. You have to live with. I think that public figures are somewhat spoiled babies. constantly talking about the fact that people are not kind on social networks. You’re beautiful, you got money, your rooms are full, your children are healthy: although still @ Banane68 you would not! If this really is too ill, close your account. I am not speaking of those who are threatened or who are harassed, of course! This is another thing.

Marc Cassivi: Do you sometimes say you’d be if you were not in the public eye?

Véronique Cloutier: Never! I never think about that. It does not bother me. I grew up in it. I have a completely different relationship with the awareness of my colleagues. At the restaurant when I was little, people came asking for autographs at the table. But I’m glad I started in the business before the social networks. Because the learning of both, that is what must be difficult.