White Glove Logistics Is Essential For The Movement Of IT Equipment

Business 15 April, 2022

There are situations where the man with a van is the perfect solution for your logistics needs and there are others when you shouldn’t even entertain the thought at all. When it comes to having items delivered around your local town or city that are fairly small and easy to carry, then the white van man is perfect for jobs such as this. Your customers are happy with the service and they don’t mind the fact that they might have to sit in all day waiting for the package because they have nothing to do anyway. You are offering a delivery service that isn’t spectacular, but it’s better than what they can get elsewhere in the town.

If however you are a retailer or wholesaler of incredibly expensive IT equipment, then the white van man is not the guy for you. In situations such as this, you turn to TecDis Network because you know that you’re going to be supplied with a service that you just can’t get anywhere else. They can offer you what is called white glove logistics and it is a service like no other. When extra care is needed, white glove logistics is what you ask for every single time. If you’re not familiar with this delivery service then maybe the benefits of it can educate you somewhat and encourage you to use it.

Much better customer care – If there is one thing that can separate you from your closest competitor then it is the level of customer care that you provide for your customers and how seriously that you take customer insights. If you can tell a customer that an item that they have just purchased will be delivered at a specific time on a specific date then this is a service that they won’t be able to find elsewhere. The white glove experience involves them installing the new item in the customer’s home and then taking away the old piece of equipment that will be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. Service doesn’t get any better than this and so they will tell their friends all about it.

No breakages & no returns – The difficult part is selling something to a customer in the first place and after you have put in all of the effort, the logistics company that delivers the item let you down and brings it to the customer damaged or broken. This is unacceptable service and this is not something that you will have to deal with when you’re dealing with a white glove logistics provider. They have all of the right equipment and the know-how to make sure that everything is done properly and they actually have transport specially equipped for the transport of such things.

If you have been looking for something that separates you from your closest competitor and keeps you ahead of the curve, then white glove logistics is something that you should be using. Many people don’t seem to understand that the sale doesn’t end when the customer gives the money over the counter, it ends when the customer receives their item in perfect working order and they are happy with the service from start to finish.