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Art 11 July, 2017
  • Photo Agence QMI, Sebastien St-Jean
    Xavier Dolan.

    Bruno Lapointe

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 22:32

    Tuesday, 11 July, 2017 22:32

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    Moviegoers will hear Xavier Dolan once, but twice this month in the rooms of the province. In addition to doubling Dane DeHaan in the French version of Valérian and the city of a thousand planets, he lent his voice to the main character of Émoji the film.

    From the 28 July, Xavier Dolan, will Gene, the émoji (or emoticon) jaded star of the animated film Émoji the film. You will be transported to Textopolis, the city where all these symbols live on in the meantime to be used by the users of cellular phones.

    Adolescent crisis

    But Gene is not like the others ; he feels more of an emotion, something strictly forbidden by his peers. In effect, each émoji only be entitled to one and the same state of soul perpetual Textopolis. It will therefore have to fight against this desire to express different feelings.

    “It is an allegory on the crisis of adolescence, the question that we are living all at a certain moment of our life,” he explains.

    The film brings Xavier Dolan and Anne Dorval, three years after their collaboration on Mommy. In fact, the actress lends her voice to Mary, the mother of the character played by Dolan.

    “A chance, without more,” says Xavier Dolan.

    ♦ Émoji the film, the poster on the 28th of July.