John Wick 2: Keanu Reeves “I’d like to be like John Wick”, our interview

Cinema 22 February, 2017

Keanu Reeves is back in the shoes of John Wick and this, right now in theaters! And on this occasion, we had the chance to meet him for an exclusive interview.
Three years ago, we discovered John Wick, Keanu Reeves’ merciless hitman , his survivor action scenes and his many victims (84 exactly, in 1:40 of film). And to the dismay of his enemies, he is back in our dark rooms, in John Wick 2 , even more violent and stronger (yes, apparently, it is possible)! You only have to see him knock out the gangster in a delirious TV spot . This guy is incredible and it’s not Keanu Reeves who will say the opposite. The actor confided to us that he loved to play this character. For him, it is someone “very vulnerable, but also full of capabilities” . Keanu Reeves admires him very much and he would like to be like him, “Have his will and his strength” , in particular. But did not he already have them? The actor is ready to train harshly to blend into his roles, and is a master in martial arts. For John Wick 2 , he trained with the Machado brothers. Discover his experience in our interview below!
And if Keanu Reeves did not have too much trouble doing the fighting scenes himself in his films, the actor also realized some stunts of the film himself . The scene of the beginning, in particular, which is quite amazing in action, where it happens in drift, in pursuit of a biker. Well all that, it’s him! He would also have made a 180-degree turn, but Keanu Reeves is not sure whether his shot was kept in the final editing. The actor regrets not having been able to do much more, but would he have only had time? John Wick 2 is a concentrate of action , linking crazy stunts, battling fights and deadly shootouts. Our favorite hired killer leaves no respite to his enemies.