Who is Samuel Benchetrit, the new lover Vanessa Paradis?

Entertainment 25 November, 2016

Currently shooting his fifth film, Dog , Samuel Benchetrit fell in love with the one he directs Vanessa Paradis. Both artists seem to have found … But who is the director, writer and prolific playwright, father too, to look dark and tragic past?

samuel-benchetritThree novels, two theater plays, an autobiography in progress, five films and a sixth currently filming … Samuel Benchetrit is a prolific artist. It skittish brown 43 years comes to seduce Vanessa Paradis , he runs for his latest film, dog , adapted from one of his novels. If it is known for its rich and diverse work, he remains rather discreet about his private life.
At 19, he met actress Marie Trintignant , and falls madly in love with her. They marry and have a son, Jules, now 17 years old. They turn together his first feature film, Janis and John . About the actress killed in Vilnius in 2003 , he told Liberation, last year: ” I love her and I talk to him every day (…) she raised me and gave me confidence . ” Then he becomes the companion of Anna Mouglalis, with whom he has a daughter, Saul, who is 8 years old. They both appear on the poster of the film I always wanted to be a gangster .
Also in Liberation , last year, he recalls his three years of ” melancholic depression ” during which he lost five kilos. A dark period he left today, thanks to the love of her children through the creation, and with his old friend, the singer Raphael. Both men are accomplices of always. Samuel was written texts, Raphael has composed music for his films, including Asphalt (2015). The singer described his friend as someone ” funny, charming, inspired and inspiring ” and said that he had the ” joyous despair ” .
This man tortured but passionate is now fallen under the spirited and sparkling charm of Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp separated for nearly five years . Speaking of love, Samuel Benchetrit a year ago, he said: “It’s amazing what it can hurt. There is nothing more violent, more powerful. It never ceases to upset me, fascinate me … ” The meeting of these two promises to make sparks.