12 lunch shots: Jean-Luc Reichmann “could not bear that Christian steals the show”

Entertainment 16 January, 2017

TF1 did not appreciate that the host of the 12 strokes of noon announcement in advance, Saturday morning, on social networks, eliminating the super champion, Christian. A small sentence uttered by an officer of the chain comes to suggest that Jean-Luc Reichmann is not unhappy that the long reign of ” Professor ” on the game is over.
It was almost midnight last Friday when Jean-Luc Reichmann announced on social networks eliminating the next day, Christian Quesada of 12 strokes of noon . A disclosure that broke all the suspense and put ” angry ” TF1 executives to the highest level according to a report in the Parisien . ” It’s a lack of respect for viewers ,” then explained a part of the A to our colleagues from Paris. Endemol, the producer of 12 strokes of noon, has, meanwhile, said ” appalled “.
So why did you do that? A production manager game has just explained that the 56 host would have needed ” to regain control ” of its communication on the grounds that he ” could not stand that Christian stole the show .”
A little phrase murders that we nicknamed ” The Professor” because of its extraordinary general culture, comes to counter holding the shield of friendship. That cultivated with Jean-Luc Reichmann throughout his 193 participations in the game. Asked to respond following his elimination this morning in the Grand Direct Europe 1 , Christian Quesada therefore held to restore its truth. ” The complicity that I tied with Jean-Luc Reichmann during those six months is real, he said. And I think we have some little ideas to work together. ”
This was enough to cut short the rumor of anguish between the two men. Because according to this former recipient of the RSA , Jean-Luc Reichmann never wanted to hurt him. ” This is wrong , he said. Jean-Luc is someone with whom I have forged ties of deep mutual respect. I think the decision to have spoken before I left was something that was close to my heart to pay tribute to me. It was sincere. I was very touched by his words, which are of a depth that has marked me enormously. His decision belongs only to him and he did it in good conscience. ” It is said !