13 Reasons Why, Prison Break, The Walking Dead: Our Top Series of April 2017

Cinema 30 April, 2017

We propose you to discover our ranking of the series that marked us during April 2017. So, who will be number 1?
As at the end of each month it is time to meet for the Top Series, which gathers the shows that have marked in recent weeks. April was particularly busy with new releases, including the Netflix (Girlboss, Dear White People) series and the return of Prison Break on the FOX . The least we can say is that there was something for everyone and we had plenty to satisfy our appetite series. Once it is not customary, it was not easy to make choices and to keep only ten series to constitute our Top. We invite you of course to share with us the series that made you vibrate during the month.
10 – Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars has begun its last chapter and we are witnessing the last episodes of the series. This end is articulated around a board game given by AD to the Liars and we find that this is a very good idea in order to make things thrilling. While for the most part girls are mostly engaged in managing their lives and personal crises, it is hoped that the game will take a more central place in the future to give us answers little by little rather than everything. ‘A hit in the final series. Although Pretty Little Liars is still full of flaws, it is still fun to follow and we’re looking forward to seeing how it all ends.
9 – Scandal
Despite highs and lows in this sixth season, Scandal always succeeds in surprising us with ever more crazy intrigues . This season, Scandal plays once again the map of domestic terrorism, with characters as detestable as they are unforgiving. If we regret that the enemies of the season remain for the moment fundamentally bad people without depth, we very much liked the fact that it forces the other protagonists to unite – as well as badly – to defeat them. The series deserves to heal a little more the development of its characters and it is hoped that this will be the case by the end of this season which already announces storylines slightly pulled by the hair.
8 – Gray’s Anatomy
The closer we are to the end of Gray’s Anatomy’s thirteenth season , the more we think that it is well below season 12. If we always take pleasure in following the Shonda Rhimes medical show, there is good The number of times we have noticed the intrigues of this season appear to be disjointed, repetitive and unusual . Fortunately, there are still some episodes that remind us how much the series knows how to create tension and captivate us, as in episode 20 of season 13 of Gray’s Anatomy . In this episode we find Meredith and Nathan in an airplane that will be particularly shaken by turbulence. It is hoped that the end of the season will be more to this image and the intrigues will gradually resume a coherent rhythm.
7 – Prison Break
The month of April was marked by the return of Prison Break , as the FOX began broadcasting the much anticipated revival by fans of the series. If many had been disappointed by the end of the original series, there are eight years, this fifth season is then the opportunity to rectify the shot. Beyond the fact that it is always a pleasure to find characters that we loved, here it is also a pleasure to regain the atmosphere of the beginning of the series. So it is for the moment a successful bet for the FOX that plunges us back into this universe under high tension with intrigues that go a thousand by the hour and do not hesitate to take risks.
6 – The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead is making a shy place in our Top Series with the season finale of season 7. Despite some disappointments and a strange rhythm, the last episode fulfilled his contract as it finally marked the beginning of Rick’s offensive Against Negan and he laid a lot of bases for season 8. Between the death of Sasha, the surprise arrival of Shiva or the betrayal of Jadis, episode 16 was full of surprises, enough to make us forget the Lack of action in previous episodes . We hope that the rest of the series will live up to our expectations and that now that he has joined the Kingdom and Hilltop, Rick is ready to go to war.
5 – Legion
Legion gets fifth place in our ranking thanks to its originality and complexity. To follow David Haller in the discovery of his powers and to interfere in his mind is an extraordinary adventure, full of color and emotion. It is necessary to say that the staging of the series is particularly careful and that it allows us to easily dive into a very special atmosphere, sometimes frightening but often fascinating . His connection with Sydney, his stay in the asylum or his adaptation to the Melanie team, everything that happens to David is shown to us with a rare intensity that always gives us the desire to know more!
4 – Agents of SHIELD
This third part of Season 4 of Agents of SHIELD is truly brilliant. The series created an alternative world thanks to the framework, Agents of Hydra , and this allows us to see the characters evolving under new circumstances. And also to bring back some that we had missed a lot. Once again the series shows us that nothing is done at random and it takes the time to build its intrigue and develop its parallel universe . The roles of certain characters are sometimes reversed, the most obvious examples being obviously Ward and Fitz. Iain De Caestecker shows us that he excels both in the role of the villain and the gentile and we adore.
3 – Dear White People
This Friday, Netflix has released the Dear White People series , a satirical satire that deals with issues of discrimination, racism and identity – among others – which are unfortunately still too current in our society. In addition to addressing these topics, the series is funny and captivating, she has the most to present us with a range of complex characters and different from what one can usually see on television . We feel very quickly invested in the lives of these students of the University of Winchester and if you are like us you surely did not resist watching the entire season on the weekend!
2 – The Handmaid’s Tale
The Handmaid’s Tale is Hulu ‘s new series inspired by Margaret Atwood ‘s eponymous book. This glacial dystopia depicts a terrifying world in which women are deprived of their rights and where people have to comply with the new rules imposed. The pilot of the series plunges us into this universe through the eyes of Offred (Elisabeth Moss) and it is extremely successful. Realization, intrigue and actors play, everything is set to the millimeter to push us to think about what happens before our eyes . We will spoil nothing of the plot here, but as much to tell you that one does not emerge unscathed from this episode and if you want to know more about the series, we propose you to discover our verdict of the new series of Hulu, The Handmaid’s Tale .
1 – 13 Reasons Why
Technically, 13 Reasons Why came out last month, March 31 exactly. But since it was the last day of the month, the Netflix show was talked about throughout April and he touched us deeply, we could not miss it. 13 Reasons Why well deserves its place at the top of the standings because it left no one indifferent. With a strong message and a plot that does not hesitate to show how high school can be a real hell for teens. 13 Reasons Why raises awareness among viewers . Moreover, the quality of the casting and the actors play does not spoil anything and allows us to deliver a series upsetting and if you have not yet watched, know that it is always available on Netflix.