13 Reasons Why Season 2: New details on the mysteries of the next episodes unveiled!

Cinema 28 June, 2017

The actors of 13 Reasons Why can not help but teaser the season 2 to come. Kate Walsh, the interpreter of Hannah’s mother, reveals new information!
Three months after its release, the Netflix 13 Reasons Why series is always talking about it! We followed the life of Hannah Baker, a young high school student, who ended his life by leaving tapes to all the people who pushed him to kill himself. School harassment, depression, rape, suicide: all taboos are broken. But while the fans were worried about not having a follow-up to this story, season 2 of 13 Reasons Why was confirmed and the actors of the series have already left on filming ! Between two takes, the actress Kate Walsh, who plays Hannah’s mother, put an end to some mysteries concerning the continuation of the show .
Olivia Baker finds her daughter, Hannah, dead in her bathtub. Throughout season 1 of 13 Reasons Why, we witness his struggle to understand why his daughter committed suicide . A poignant role that interprets the actress Kate Walsh. In the middle of the shoot, she took the time to give new information about the rest of the show: “there will be many flashbacks (…) we will learn what is true (in cassettes) and what is not Not ” . Regarding her role, Kate Walsh adds that her character will look to the end of the reasons for his daughter’s suicide and will surely do him justice.