13 Reasons Why Season 2: Selena Gomez, Katherine Langford, Dylan Minnette … show stars tease the rest!

Cinema 9 May, 2017

We have been waiting for the news for weeks … and we are apparently not alone! The stars of Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why are more than ready for the sequel.
Weekend loaded for the stars of 13 Reasons Why ! In addition to their remarkable appearance at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, the young actors of the Netflix show have finally been able to finally share the news that everyone was waiting for: 13 Reasons Why will be entitled to a season 2 ! This is not really a surprise, as the success of the series is enormous, but it nevertheless pleases that Netflix finally formalizes this expected sequence. To celebrate and tease that , Selena Gomez, Katherine Langford (Hannah), Dylan Minnette (Clay) and all the other members of the 13RW team stormed the social networks …
And for those who think a season 2 of 13 Reasons Why is a bad idea , Miles Heizer (Alex) has a reassuring little message: “I understand, the series is adapted from a book that we totally covered with the Season 1. But what’s exciting about Season 2 is that Jay Asher, the author of the novel, will once again be involved, it’s his universe, his characters and as long as he’s part of the project , I am very anxious to see what he has planned for the future.I think we have the right people to extend this story! ” . Difficult to disagree with that, right?