13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Black Mirror … Which Netflix series is the most popular?

Cinema 15 May, 2017

Orange is the New Black, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things or Black Mirror are hugely successful but which Netflix series are the most popular?
Let’s just say, Netflix has revolutionized our lives of small seriesphiles especially by offering quality shows and totally addictive. 13 Reasons Why breaks all records with his first season, if Orange is the New Black , House of Cards or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt no longer have to prove themselves . If Netflix does not really communicate its audiences, it is still possible to determine which are the most popular and therefore most appreciated and most watched original shows. Fizziology , a research company specializing in social networks, Analyzed the social interactions on Twitter during the first week following the launch of the Season Premiere of a series. Thus, the company was able to determine a ranking of the 13 most popular shows on Netflix that the editorial of melty unveils you without further delay!
13. Grace & Frankie
The adventures of Grace and Frankie, two women who all oppose but whose husbands love each other and want to get married, have been passionate fans since 2015. They have gathered 25,306 interactions on Twitter !
12. House of Card
Who said that politics was not fun? In any case, the universe of House of Cards found its public. Fans have devoured the first 4 seasons and are eagerly awaiting the 5th which will arrive on May 30th . With 70,514 Twitter interactions , the series ranks 12th!
11. Bloodline
The secrets and old family stories of the Rayburn have also attracted viewers for two seasons. Bloodline , who will return soon for his season 3, arrives 11th with 83,538 interactions on the social network.
10. Master of None
While Dev’s life may seem trivial at first, she is not and is passionate about many episodes. Master of None is in the top 10 with 106,893 Twittos interactions.
9. The OA
In The OA , Prairie Johnson, an adopted blind girl, suddenly reappears seven years after being abducted and having lost her blindness. With such a scenario, it was obvious that the series would fascinate the fans. The OA arrives 9th with 176,992 interactions of Internet users in a single season. Highly season 2!
8. Orange Is The New Black
As early as 2013, we fell in love with Piper Chapman and the prisoners of Litchfield who placed in 8th position with 177,374 Twitter interaction .
7. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Kimmy Schmidt makes us laugh a lot in the series produced by Tina Fey, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt . While the series will return for a season 3 soon, the show is placed 7th with 243 990 interactions of the Net surfers. Not bad !
6. Black Mirror
Black Mirror , originally broadcast on Channel 4 and taken over by Netflix from Season 3, is a satire of our society that questions the consequences of new technologies. A deep subject, a dramatic series, it was enough to convince the fans. The show came in 6th with 452,516 interactions.
5. Stranger Things
We start this top 5 with Stranger Things ! Mysterious disappearances and supernatural phenomena, the series surprises us and gives us chills, which we adore evidently. It collected 507,192 interactions.
4. Luke Cage
Who is not a fan of superheroes ? While characters from the Marvel universe have always fascinated audiences , Luke Cage is no exception to the rule and ranks 4th with 1,016,152 interaction on Twitter .
3. Fuller House
20 years later, the sitcom La Fête à la maison has always been so successful! Netflix has succeeded in betting on the series. If unfortunately Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not in the casting, we are delighted to find all the actors of the original series. Fuller House wins bronze with 1,324,534 interactions on Twitter . .
2. Chasing Cameron
On the second step of the podium, we find Chasing Cameron, reality TV with the star of Vine, Cameron Dallas. With 1 326 010 interactions on Twitter , the show still seems to have good days ahead!
1. 13 Reasons Why
Not surprisingly , 13 Reasons Why, which has just been renewed for a season 2 , is obviously the most popular and probably the most watched series on Netflix . And that in a record time! With 3,585,110 interactions on Twitter , the show is undoubtedly a level above And you, what is your favorite Netflix series?