13 Reasons Why: The questions you would like an answer if there is a season 2

Cinema 4 May, 2017

While the fate of 13 Reasons Why is still uncertain. We propose you to discover the questions you would like an answer if Netflix grants a second season to the series.
The more days pass and the more we say that the announcement of a second season to 13 Reasons Why by Netflix is ​​imminent. As you know, there are many indications that 13 Reasons Why will have a season 2 , which is not surprising after such a success. It should be noted that the series is already the one that we spoke the most about social networks in 2017. Even more than a month after its release on Netflix, the show continues to do the news, It deals – brilliantly – is very good news. If we are not totally interested in the idea of ​​a sequel, it is true that several intrigues have remained in suspense and that we still have many questions. Here then are the questions for which, it is hoped,
The one that burns the lips of everyone is obviously: will Alex succumb to his wounds? At the end of the last episode, we learn that Alex is in the hospital and suffers a gunshot wound that could be fatal to him. What happened ? Did, like Hanna, Alex wanted to put an end to life? Or, is someone to blame for this act of violence? Someone like Tyler for example. Indeed, many fans think that Tyler can be responsible for what happened to Alex. We saw him in possession of a gun and other dangerous weapons and saw how he was sidelined and harassed by his comrades, it is possible that Tyler wants revenge. This would introduce another extremely sensitive subject. The two plots could then be directly related.
During the thirteen episodes, it was discovered that Bryce is a harmful person, especially for the adolescent girls around him. We know that he at least raped two girls in high school – and nothing tells us that it is not more. In the end, Clay handed the tapes to an authority capable of finally doing what was necessary for Bryce to be tried for his crimes. Not to mention that Jessica tells the truth to her father and it is hard to imagine the latter doing nothing. We hope that if there is a season 2, we will discover what happens to Bryce and that it will rhyme with prison. As long as one is in the realm of justice, another question arises that of the outcome of the trial between the high school and the parents of Hannah Baker .
If Netflix grants a second season to 13 Reasons Why , what about Hannah Baker? Season 1 told his story, but with the end of the tapes, this story ended. Can her character be integrated into Season 2 or should we expect her to be totally absent? Common sense would want – unhappily – Hannah not to be part of the possible second chapter, even if her character would be greatly missed. However, we should not underestimate the imagination of the screenwriters. Finally, with all the polemics around the series, especially about the scenes of rape and Hannah’s suicide, one wonders if the series will undergo a kind of censorship . Many found that the series did too much, which the creator, Brian Yorkey defended by saying that his series deliberately wanted to be difficult to watch. In any case it is hoped that if the series is renewed, Brian Yorkey and his team will keep the same openness and the same freedom of writing and realization. While waiting for Netflix to decide, we propose you to discover this theory about Tony who explains 13 Reasons Why. What do you think ? We propose you to discover this theory about Tony who explains 13 Reasons Why. What do you think ? We propose you to discover this theory about Tony who explains 13 Reasons Why. What do you think ?