13 Reasons Why: The strengths and weaknesses of the event series

Cinema 17 July, 2017

13 Reasons Why is on the verge of passing the final, so it’s an opportunity to come back on its strengths but also on its weak points!

13 Reasons Why is the revelation of Netflix. The series has made millions of people addicted and we see it in this World Cup of the 2017 series, it puts K.O all its opponents. Will it continue its momentum and surpass the winner of the 2014 and 2015 titles, Once Upon A Time? Hanna Baker of 13 Reasons Why can she overtake Emma Swan? It must be admitted, this game is very tight but there will be only one weekend. It is up to you who decides who Once Upon A Time or 13 Reasons Why deserves to get closer to the coveted title, that of champion of the 2017 World Cup, by voting HERE. The Netflix show has many strong points, but like all series, it has its flaws. Discover them immediately!

The weak spots
13 Reasons Why deals with a very taboo subject among young people, suicide, and it should not be taken lightly. One of its main weaknesses could be that of the debate that it provoked after its dissemination. The specialists pointed the finger at the series because for them, this could incite young people to commit the irreparable. Many parents were also indignant at the subject matter, but eventually 13 Reasons Why shows out loud what everyone thinks in a low voice. We get into the most total intimacy of Hanna Baker and it can sometimes make us uncomfortable in front of our screen, but despite these few flaws, 13 Reasons Why has a crazy potential and revolutionized the way of thinking!

The strong points
13 Reasons Why, which is one of the best new releases of the year, undeniably has many strong points, it is for this reason that it counts millions of fans. The plot, although it is hard and tragic, is very original, it is unheard of in a series. Moreover, his characters are endearing and the actors possess a crazy talent. The interaction between them is powerful and one is immediately immersed in the universe of Hanna Baker. It must be admitted, this series is completely addictive and we all wait to discover the cassette of Clay Jensen and the 13 reasons that prompted Hanna to commit this gesture! In short, the series of Selena Gomez is a small masterpiece and in just one season, she managed to beat her opponents. She has every chance to qualify in the final and who knows, maybe win the 2017 World Cup!