13 Reasons Why: What if Season 2 was not a good idea?

Cinema 13 April, 2017

13 Reasons Why has not yet been officially renewed by Netflix. But would a season 2 really be a good idea?
You were told yesterday , there are several indications that there will be a season 2 to 13 Reasons Why . Indeed, Netflix’s latest teen drama has left no one indifferent and most people do not want the stories of Clay, Jessica, Justin and company to stop right away. It is true that the series ends in a very open way, not solving the majority of intrigues. We do not know what Mr. Porter is going to do with the tapes. We do not know the outcome of the lawsuit about Hannah’s death, or whether Bryce will finally get what he deserves. Not to mention that episode 13 ends on a new tragedy. A season could then serve to show how everyone is recovering from the death of Hannah and the revelations that go with it, But also how the suicide of Alex will once again affect this school already enormously fragile. It is clear that the writers have left the door open for a new burst of episodes. But, is this really a good idea?
We are certainly all agreed that there are several series that have the misfortune to multiply the seasons sometimes spoiling the success of the beginnings. If 13 Reasons Why is also strong, it is also because it is a series that delivers an important message and give it a second season so come and taint it. The whole series is based on Hannah, her suicide and those famous tapes she left behind to explain her gesture. Will the series not lose its strength without this postulate in season 2? Because, unfortunately, it’s hard to see how Hannah Baker could be part of the sequel, except as a souvenir.
Moreover, to repeat the same pattern with Alex would be both too repetitive and surely “too much” . If one can not deny having worshiped these 13 episodes, it must also be acknowledged that they were tough on morale. Once again, 13 Reasons Why is one of those shows with an important message that has been very well demonstrated and explained with what we have seen and show us more would trivialize this darkness, this pain and this violence . It is always complicated not to want more when a series has touched us so much, but sometimes it must be recognized that what makes quality certain is also because they are short and go straight to the point. In addition, 13 Reasons Why is already in the middle of a polemic since some think that the series went too far. If we do not necessarily agree with these criticisms, perhaps a season 2 showing more or less the same thing would go too far. Would you like a season 2?