13 Reasons Why: Why do we just talk about this?

Cinema 6 June, 2017

The Netflix series has had the effect of a bomb! Teens, adults, everyone has a say on 13 Reasons Why!
One thing is for sure, the 13 episodes of the series produced by Selena Gomez have been talked about. Season 1 of 13 Reasons Why ended in March and fans of the series are already impatient to know when the sequel will take place. Fortunately Selena Gomez does not know how to hold her tongue and has delivered us unpublished information on Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why that should return early 2018 on Netflix! 13 Reasons Why created controversy among young people but also the young. The series explores school harassment, alcohol problems, suicide or rape: Taboo subjects that worry teen parents and institutions.
Hannah Baker, a young high school student, decides to end her days after being mocked, harassed and sexually abused by her classmates. A dramatic series that does not hesitate to show scenes of rape and suicide of the girl in the smallest details. Some psychologists worry that the series shocks the most fragile or influences the most vulnerable adolescents to reproduce his act. 13 Reasons Why reveals the daily life of high school students, especially in the United States where sexual assaults have become a scourge. Faculty and health experts go so far as to discourage or even ban the viewing of the Netflix series for young people, considering it too dangerous, accusing it of glorifying suicide.
On the other hand, the series opens the eyes of society on recurring facts but which are still taboo. In some cities in the United States, high school and college educators have written to parents to encourage them to watch the series with their children and discuss them together to decipher their feelings about these issues. Confronted with the controversy, the series’ directors and actors have defended 13 Reasons Why: Faithful to the book, the series has tackled subjects that we do not talk about, or that very few but which nevertheless require the greatest attention . The creator Brian Yorkey assumes the whole suicide scene: ” We wanted to show that suicide is something ugly, disgusting and incredibly painful. If we had made it an easy time to look, we would have sold something that we did not want . The series that will return in 2018 for a second season on Netflix will continue to fuel the debate for many months! In your opinion, does the 13 Reasons Why series deserve to be recommended or discouraged?