13 Reasons Why: Will the Selena Gomez series qualify for season two?

Cinema 3 April, 2017

The phenomenon 13 Reasons Why is not ready to stop! Can we find the heroes of Selena Gomez’s show in season 2?
Warning, this article contains spoilers . You spent the weekend at binge-watcher 13 Reasons Why ? Yeah, we too. Rarely a Monday morning was also difficult for that matter. 13 reasons that pushed Hannah to suicide, 13 episodes that take you to the guts. Netflix once again succeeds in its bet and proposes an adaptation of the novel of Jay Asher at the same time faithful and singular. For although the series has not gone too far from its original work, it has nevertheless chosen a different , more advanced, more dramatic, but above all more open end. In the final minutes of 13 Reasons Why , we learn that Alex has attempted to end his days, that Tyler has it all, Paraphernalia of the perfect terrorist but we wonder especially what will be the legal consequences for Bryce, Jessica and the Baker family. Unanswered questions, it smells good season 2, right?
By adding new unresolved plots to the series, does Netflix have an idea behind the head? If the giant SVOD had presented the show as a mini-series of only 13 episodes, he proposes yet to discover the “season 1” of 13 Reasons Why . Who says Season 1, says Season 2, right? No official confirmation at the moment and of course this is pure speculation, but it is not excluded that Jay Asher proposes to his fans a sequel of his novel via Netflix … With an end like this one would not be against If the quality is there! And you, rather for a against a season 2 of 13 Reasons Why?