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Entertainment 24 August, 2017


The newspaper The Point reports an amazing bill of 26 000 euros for costs of make-up for the last three months of presidency Emmanuel Macron. If he had decided to distinguish himself from his predecessors by not hiring as private providers, the note, it remains salt.

We still remember the controversy of the note of hair of president François Hollande and who had, at the time triggered mockery and reactions scandalisées. The hairdresser, at the time, hired for about 10 000 euros per month to be available day and night for the president, has nothing to envy to the make-up artist Emmanuel Macron. In effect, The log item was provided three invoices for a total of 26,000 euros, which would cover the first three months of presidency Emmanuel Macron, for the simple benefit makeup.

The make-up artist Emmanuel Macron would have followed him throughout the presidential campaign before being officially delegate the complexion tanned and rested in all the circumstances of the president of the Republic. This is Brigitte Macron itself was to be occupied to hire the makeup artist, that bill, therefore, even more than the make-up artist Nicolas Sarkozy, Marina Michenet who was at the time 8,000 euros per month.

The defence of François Hollande for the expenses of his hair had been the extreme availability of its stylist assigned to you, so what will be that of Emmanuel Macron to the era of the efforts required by the president of the Republic ?

Emmanuel Macron

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