Entertainment 6 April, 2017

The fans of Rihanna are annoyed because the new single of a famous singer looks strangely like “Needed Me”. Judge for yourselves!
A grim history of plagiarism that risks annoying more than one … While Rihanna achieves a historic record at the Billboard Hot 100 thanks to its singles , the Barbadian singer has been at the center of all the attention for several hours despite her. The cause ? It’s very simple: its fans accuse the singer Halsey of having plagiarized one of the tubes of their idols: “Needed Me” . After releasing his first album Badlands which are extracted title “Ghost” , “New Americana” (which looked a lot like the Lana Del Rey), “Colors” and “Castles” , the Artist has packed in the charts thanks to the tube “Closer” in duet with The Chainsmokers. And now it is about to unveil its next album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom whose first single “Now Or Never” strangely resembles “Needed Me” . We’ll let you listen to you!
If the intro of “Now Or Never” has nothing to do with Rihanna’s “Needed Me”, it is then in rhythm and bass that Halsey is suspected of having been a little too inspired by the superstar … Even in the melody she sings, there are some similarities as in the chorus when she repeats: “Baby gon ‘now, now, now, now, now, now, Hey, hey / I want you to hold me down, down, down, down, down forever, hey, hey, hey . So, what do you think? In any case, fans are angry on social networks! One imagines that the team of Rihanna could attack Halsey for this inspiration which seems a little too obvious. Business to follow! Waiting, Review Billboard 200 of the week with Drake, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna and Bruno Mars ! Plagiarism or not in your opinion?