5 reasons to watch tonight “Babysitting” with Alice David and Philippe Lacheau

Entertainment 14 November, 2016

For this evening of November 13, TF1 has create a laughter session with the programming Babysitting, by and with Philippe Lacheau. Film representative of the generation of urban thirties, there are many reasons for his viewing. Gala.fr gives you five, for you to choose which one suits you best.
An unexpected babysitting, which turns into fiesta of the century. Halfway between the 11 commandments of Michaël Youn , and The Hangover, Babysitting is crazy French comedy of 2014. Scheduled tonight by TF1, the success of the Sunday night movie should be at the rendezvous. Gala.fr gives you at least five good reasons to settle into your sofa, and entertain you without restraint.

1) The first, and most obvious, is the quality of the film. Written by Philippe and Nicolas Lacheau Benamou, Babysitting did not pitch very innovative. (A boss forces the employee to keep his son for a night. The employee in question was a huge evening planned that night. Whatever, the fiesta will be organized in the apartment of the owner, and this is the beginning of a cascade of twists) Yet the pair of. Bande à fifi, which prevailed at the time on Canal +, succeed their bet: make this story a Hangover in French. the spectator held spellbound by the staging, with the camera filmed plot shoulder. A success.

2) The second reason is cast. Very influenced by the “spirit Canal,” the two authors and directors Philippe and Nicolas Lacheau Benamou brought together in this film the best of the “silliness” of the small screen. Starting with them! But they are surrounded by the two new stars of Palmashow, Grégoire Ludig and David Marsais , but also one of the former henchmen of Michaël Youn, never the last to laugh, Vincent Desagnat . There is also one of the revelations of the series short , real asset Boutique Babysitting, Alice David.

3) The third reason is the tremendous success of the first film. He passed the bar of two million spectators in theaters, rare enough to be highlighted thing. It is also a critical success. The film was awarded at the International Festival of Alpe D’Huez year of its release, garnering the “Audience Award” and also the “Special Jury Prize”. Two awards, and a success in theaters, which have motivated the creation of the suite, Babysitting 2, always with the same team . Released earlier this year, again a success, with no less than 3.2 million viewers, and new slices of good laughs. To see the second, better watch the first tonight on TF1.
4) This film launched the film career of Philip Lacheau aka Fifi, after years of success on television. Since we can stop more. Babysitting 2 last year, he has just finished filming Wedding (blank) for all, directed by one of his former companions, Tarek Boudali , also known for his role in the series family, on M6. For each of these three films, we find the same recipes, humor and averted vision in their thirties in the world today. In Babysitting, Philippe Lacheau plays the role of an artist, precarious, simple and serious but under the corrosive influence of his friends. What may remind some similarities with other young people around you …
5) Finally, and this is no coincidence that TF1 has scheduled tonight, the anniversary of the terrible attacks in Paris on November 13 , the film feels good laugh to forget the other tragic moments of life . After a weekend commemorations necessary, it is important to alleviate some of the air. this film seems the perfect antidote to end this week more calmly, before returning to a new week on a good momentum.