5 reasons why Francois Hollande does not attend the 2017 elections

Entertainment 2 December, 2016

To everyone’s surprise, Francois Hollande will not seek a second term as president. Here are five reasons why the head of state to take this surprising decision.

francois-hollandeIt’s decided. Having left some suspense for several months, Hollande said Thursday he will not run for president in 2017 . The former first secretary of the Socialist party became the first president in the history of the Fifth Republic to abandon a second term. Here are five reasons that have prompted the head of state not to try his luck in the race for the Elysée:
Not to reinforce the bursting of the left . François Hollande knows, his popularity among the French is dying . Other pundits oppose the socialist party in the primaries could cause a party break (already begun by Emmanuel Macron ). The President therefore feared harming his own party if he runs for the presidential elections in 2017.
To avoid being eliminated in the Socialist primary. With the case of Nicolas Sarkozy eliminated in the Republican primary , François Hollande was aware of what could happen to him. Facing a Manuel Valls twice as popular as him (according to a poll for L’Express Odoxa and regional newspapers published on November 30), the current president preferred to avoid public humiliation.
For his family . Ségolène Royal and François Hollande four children do not see the application favorably. ” The children do not want their father goes to the slaughter ,” says even the former wife of President ago shortly Minister Michel Sapin. A view shared by Julie Gayet to believe the weekly Marianne .
To fully live her love with Julie Gayet. So far, Hollande has never formalized his relationship with the actress. ” She suffers from this situation . She is requesting to do so. It burns , “yet concedes the head of state in his book, A president should not say that … . Once the Elysee and paparazzi behind him, the head of state can focus on his love life.
To finally be able to go to the stadium whenever he wants . François Hollande is a fan of football since his childhood. This finding passion through his grandfather never left longer the head of state. A player from FC Rouen time, Francois Hollande supports many clubs including FC Nantes or Red Star. Now the president can get to the stadium whenever the mood in the will.