5 things to know about Helena Noguerra

Entertainment 27 December, 2016

In The Holiday Ducobu (TF1 on December 27) is Madame Gratin. In life, Helena Noguerra is a beautiful girl who does not have her tongue in her pocket, who does not sing in the shower, but who, on the other hand, cheats only in the movies. Portrait in 5 points of a (other) brunette who really does not count for plums!

The cult classic Dark glasses , become generic in the issue Dark glasses for sleepless nights , of Thierry Ardisson , in the late 80s to Year Zero , his latest album, through Strawberry Vanilla , in duet with Serge Rezvani (delicious !), Helena Noguerra leads in music as in the cinema a joyous and variegated career that resembles him.
1. The Belgian connection . Landed in France with Lio, her older sister with whom she began, Helena Noguerra account in the already long list of Belgian artists who, among other things, the happiness of the French cinema ( Cécile de France , Benoît Poelvoorde , François Damiens , Schoenaerts , etc.) . Of Portuguese origin, his parents left their country just before the revolution. ” I am very happy for this chance that I born in Belgium, because there is an absurd and surreal among Belgians against well-balance saudade, that something a little dramatic in common all Portuguese , “she had told us. As a Belgian immigrant she did not vote. And said to regret it.
2. Adored small … and much bigger! Currently, Helena Noguerra is about to turn a comedy about the refugee camps for M6 and will take from 23 March paths Abbesses theater to play Vera ferocious comedy about the world of work including Karin Viard . But thanks to the character of Madame Gratin red -perruque and perchée- voice in Student Ducobu and Holiday Ducobu , it became at once the idol of the children. And that’s a completely different role in which she lugging his long gazelle legs, his plastic more than perfect and replies like ” That’s three days I have not kissed, I have ants in the pussy ” ( Heartbreaker with Vanessa Paradis and Romain Duris , almost five million entries), she won a real popularity with great  ! Helena Noguerra dared, and humor made Bang! (Title of one of his albums).
3. Tattoo me . Helena Noguerra has five tattoos sown on her skin like the little white pebbles of the Little Thumb: a heart, an anchor, a star, an angel and the word “inexorable.” ” It is because of Bernard Pivot , we she says, at the end of his Apostrophe issue, he always asked his guest his favorite word and I, my favorite word when I was little, it was that – there: inexorable. ”
4. She has a son of … 24 years old! Helena Noguerra was a very early mom. At 21 years old. So there was between her and her son ” something that resembled a brother-sister relationship .” Tanel Derard (his name) is today dummy (he walked for Jean Paul Gaultier ), actor (he turned including The beautiful person of Christophe Honoré ) and musician . With a nod, it appears among the dancers in the video for Tom , song from the last album of Helena Noguerra.
5. Ah! men … Between Helena Noguerra and love is a story that goes back to … Ooh my! She still remembers her first lover, a Xavier, blond like wheat, she was 3 or 4 years old! Married for eight years with Philippe Katerine with whom she remained girlfriend (he also attended his last album), she is now the wife of the director Fabrice du Welz who just Message for the king in the US and Is preparing a new feature film in the Belgian Ardennes. Met with friends, she turned in his film Alleluia, in 2014. When you know that the first short Fabrice du Welz was titled When one is in love is wonderful , it is said that these two were made to Agree.