5 tips to save the make-up of Donald Trump

Entertainment 10 November, 2016

No one has ever dared to say it but the new president of the United States is ab-so-lute-ly changing makeup! Colorimetry small lesson, with the advice of Ludovic Engrand, make-up artist Urban Decay.

ouverture-trumAs a specialist in the matter, we can not let such beauty faux pas flood the planet … And when you’re President of the United States , we can not look like the cat Garfield. Makeup artist Ludovic Engrand has worked on the problem for us and deciphers what Donald Trump would do to change her beauty routine (and fissa find a “normal” color).

Mistakes , ” the biggest problem is of course its orange color and above all, the foundation of demarcation between the face and neck ,” said Ludovic. For as Mr. does not stain his white shirts, he asks her makeup artist for not putting in the neck. Suffice to say the mistake of any beginner, who, as a bonus, further accentuates its orange shade. “. ” And with the era of high definition, color is further accentuates the screen” says our expert in five points, here’s what should (now) do.:

1 / Getting to self-tanner

As we know, Donald Trump is obsessed with tan. As there is little chance he changes his mind, we can only advise him to get as quickly as possible to self-tanner. The advantage? The new generations are no longer traces or orange or look of Casimir but give the skin a beautiful amber color which let’s face it, is much more portable. But beware, it must apply to the neck, otherwise hue on the boundary!

2 / Adopt a bronzer

If the step of self-tanner is not enough, he can always accentuate his tan with a compact bronzing powder to be applied to the entire face with a big brush, in large circular motions. And as the neck is already gold, demarcation will be less.

3 / Change of concealer

” Hers is too bright, too white and photo, it absolutely unforgiving ,” says Ludovic Engrand. It is therefore necessary that in exchange urgently and he chooses one of the same color as her skin tone. This will prevent him to have the “skier tan” look that we have seen in recent public appearances.

4 / To offer a grooming eyebrows

He quickly tend to have eyebrows Gargamel. Understand: bushy, too thick in battle what. ” I would advise him to make a small cut in a specialized institution and every day, using an eyebrow brush to discipline and transparent fixative gel to be quiet all day ! “Adds Ludovic Engrand.

5 / Finding a good hairdresser

Because without a hairstyle worthy of the name, the most successful make-up will be of no effect. But in the case of Donald Trump, the hair problem is so important that it will be, count on us, a proper subject! Patience…