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Entertainment 1 February, 2018

Thierry Beccaro

Thierry Beccaro said of his difficult childhood with an abusive father, in a book published on the 15th of February next, I am born to 17 years of age (Plon). He confides to Tv Star on this traumatic event, which has failed to transfer to the real tragedy…

“I didn’t understand why I fell over.” It is a true suffering that recounts the story of Thierry Beccaro in his book I was born to 17 years of age (Plon) published on the 15th of February next. During an interview granted to the magazine Télé Star this week, the host of Motus, of which the general public appreciates the good mood, has revealed that he has saved the life of his mother in the face of his father, a violent man with his family. The traumatic incident, which would have been able to take a sharp turn for the much more tragic, occurred one night, when he was 17 years old. He woke up and fell on his father, who braquait a gun on his mother.

“It is immeasurable. I would have wanted to be a hero as in my wildest dreams, breaking a vase on the head. I have not been able to do it. I was in a state of amazement. I just asked : dad, what are you doing ? He lowered the weapon and seized my mother by the throat. For me, there was no more network. I died at 17 years of age. I no longer spoke, even in high school,” says Thierry Beccaro to Tv Star.

The childhood of the facilitator has been very difficult. His father fought under the least pretext, that it is after a bad grade or an elbow on the table. “I felt all alone. Fortunately, it was never taken to my sister. I kept saying to myself : ‘That is what I can do better than doing nothing wrong ?'”, remembers Thierry Beccaro. If he chose today to do nothing to hide from his painful past, it is for “release the word on this scourge afflicting thousands of children in our country. In order to show thatit is possible one day to escape and go to the other side of the bank”, says his editor.


Thierry Beccaro

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