A bag of marbles: A funny and touching epic against a background of war, our critic!

Cinema 19 January, 2017

Do you want to go from laughter to tears without stopping? Run to see the film A bag of marbles, a funny and touching epic against a background of war. Check out our review.
One might think that French cinema has used and abused the subject of the Second World War. But no, we do not know how, directors come to find new stories, always more touching. Like Christian Duguay ( Anna Karenina, Belle and Sebastian: The Outer Limits ) and his film, A bag of marbles . In theaters since Wednesday 18 January 2017 , we advise you to go discover the adventures of Maurice and Joseph Joffo now. Taken from a true story, the story of Joffo is that of a united Jewish family, including Patrick Bruel, also soon to appear in Scene of All , is the father. But, following the disembarkation of the Germans in Paris, he decides to send his family two by two in the free zone. Maurice and his younger brother, Joseph, still innocent, find themselves suddenly alone for an epic in the countryside of occupied France. But, contrary to what one might expect given the basic dramatic subject, this epic proves to be funny and warm.
Funny, by the carelessness of little Joseph, but also by the squabbling between the two brothers and the ingenuity they show to turn into grotesque adults, gentile as Nazis. And warm, because as they travel, the two brothers meet people who are not afraid to help them, for a passage in the free zone, a bit of a drive while they are exhausted from walking , Or a doctor (incarnated by Christian Clavier) who avoids them going to concentration camp by claiming that they are not Jewish. Finally, we salute the performance Batyste Fleurial (Mauritius) and Dorian The Clech (Joseph), whose complicity, innocence and courage affect us in the heart , while Patrick Bruel and Elsa Zylberstein are moving into protective parents. In short, a bag of marbles is a testimony humane, and which, despite its lightness, leaves us still shaken when leaving the cinema. So, do you want to go see the movie?