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Entertainment 21 December, 2017


Since the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday on December 6 last, strange objects in reference to the rocker made their appearance on the canvas. This is the case of this ” authentic box cuckoo of the show the horns of the info, to buy on the site of the good corner. Value : 1 000 euros.

Johnny Hallyday is dead in the night of 5 to 6 December. Since his death, tributes have multiplied. Celebrities and anonymous remember the moments shared with the famous ‘ French. For some, it is also the opportunity to sell gold price of the unusual objects in reference to the singer.

On the 11th of December last, a user named Christine has posted an ad quite unusual on the site of the good corner. ” For the fans of Johnny Hallyday, make offer ” can be read at the top of the page. The sold object : “an authentic box cuckoo of the show the horns of the info,” according to the owner. Contacted by our colleagues from France Blue, the seller declares to have received this box at hello ” from a friend who was a property master at Canal + “. The object has apparently still not found a buyer. Its selling price is displayed to 1 000 euros.

If it is authentic, “this box cuckoo” could be that which accompanied the puppet of Johnny Hallyday in the program les Guignols info Canal +. When the singer said his now famous ” ah que coucou “, a egg came out so out of the box. A strange object which was a lot of laughter from the puppet of the rocker but who despaired that of Patrick Poivre d’arvor.

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Johnny Hallyday

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