A boy of 5 years old will learn to eat thanks to the internet

Health 22 August, 2017

Louis, 5 years (GoFundMe)

Published the 21.08.2017 at 12: 00


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Louis, a native of the Yvelines department, has already 5 years. It was, however, never had the opportunity to eat. The victim of a disease of the lungs, diagnosed when he was just 6 months old, he had, until now, feeding using a nasogastric tube.

It is now healed but, despite his age, he still did not eat. “Now, he goes to school, but he doesn’t eat like her peers, her mother explains on the website of crowdfunding gofundme.com. To be fed by gavage, results for Louis significant constraints digestive and delayed motor skills… “

This mechanism falls within the reflex and may seem obvious to all, but it is not for Louis and his parents. They decided to send him to make a training course in a centre in Austria. But the stage costs 10 000 euros. A sum that the parents could not assume.
They have therefore appealed to the internet users by launching an operation of crowdfunding, reports France Blue. Thanks to the generosity of the 151 donors, Louis could learn to eat by mouth and enjoy the pleasure of eating, as the children of his age. The sum was collected in just 13 days !


Addiction to the probe

After a heavy operation, for example on the heart, or because of an illness, whether of the lungs as for Louis, of the esophagus or neurological, or even just for premature babies, the insertion of a feeding tube may be necessary. An act is mastered, but that has consequences for the children with very young : they do not have the opportunity to learn to eat.

They then develop a dependency on their probe, whether it is nasogastric probe connected to the stomach via the nose), gastrostomy – which connects the stomach to the outside through a hole on the abdomen –, or jejunal – connected downstream of the stomach.

In addition to never having learned it, children are, in fact, often a rejection, because they have developed an aversion to conventional power. They refuse to eat and drink. For some, this dependence manifests itself by nausea, and vomiting.