A cellular patch for the repair of myocardial

Health 12 January, 2018


Published the 12.01.2018 at 08h53


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Patches muscle size significant from a medical point of view, and composed of human cells, have been placed on the hearts of animals after a heart attack. These patches allow a better recovery of the heart after a heart attack.

In France, cell therapy trials of the same type are carried out in the past 20 years with professor Philippe Ménasché, and his team. The cells are cultured in the laboratory from embryonic stem cells, and then implanted in man on the part of the heart injured by a heart attack, during an intervention, for coronary artery bypass graft surgery. This promising technique is still in trials.

For their part, the researchers from the university of Birmingham in the United States have carried out their work on the heart of a pig. The patches made were not thicker than a coin. Two have been placed on the site of the infarct on the heart of the pig. This operation has permitted to improve the functioning of the left ventricle, and reduced the extent of infarct, the part where the muscle is dead. This technique also allows you to not have a heart rhythm disorder. However, this complication has been noted in other clinical trials using other approaches.

 A patch by combining several types of cells

Three different cells have been used to make these patches: $ 4 million of cardiomyocites, these are the cells that comprise cardiac muscle, 2 million of endothelial cells, they line the blood vessels, and finally two million smooth muscle cells. This technique has allowed us to create cells of a better quality, more numerous, and who had physiological capabilities superior, in comparison to cells fabricated through other techniques.

This research could help to improve the cardiac surgery post-infarct. According to the Inserm, France 120 000 people every year, a heart attack , about 18,000 die.