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Entertainment 24 October, 2017


The family of Michael Schumacher would try to hide the truth about his state of health ? Willi Weber, ex-manager, there is no more news of the pilot of Formula 1 and is no longer allowed to visit him for several years.

Willi Weber, the former manager of Michael Schumacher, breaks the silence. While the health condition of the F1 champion raises numerous questions since his skiing accident in 2013, the business man, the origin of his brilliant career, doubts that his former protégé does as well as his family claims. “I find it very unfortunate that the fans of Michael do not know his state of health. Why do they say not the truth ? “if he asked in the columns of the German newspaper TZ.

Even more surprising, Willi Weber was the formal prohibition of pay a visit to Michael Schumacher, whom he meets yet since its inception. “The family Schumacher seems to be afraid of me. I have sent flowers and cards for her birthday, but I have not had a response. It makes me sad. There seems to be fear that I reveal something about the state of Michael, but I would never do that. I would sign even an agreement of non-disclosure.

Set distance of the famous racing driver, Willi Weber is not able to confirm his transfer to a specialized clinic in Texas, as had been revealed by the German magazine Bravo, last September. If the mystery remains, his press officer Sabine Kehm has spoken recently of a project of museum dedicated to her career : “During all his years in business, Michael has maintained most of its cars and many combinations and helmets. We have always had in mind of making it available to the public.” The use of the pronoun “we” suggesting to some that he is sufficiently aware to have help making this decision…

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