A Cure For Life, Inception, Shutter Island … These movies that turn us brain

A Cure For Life, today in theaters, is the kind of film that disturb your mind. But there were many others before him and a little reminder never hurts!
There are movies like that, when you discover them in the movies, which leave us with a really strange feeling. They have a special atmosphere, they are both agonizing and fascinating, and they usually reserve us final twists that leave us on the ass for several hours. And still, for some, we still have not quite understood them. In short, the kind of movies that disturb the mind well. A Cure For Life, the new film by Gore Verbinski of which you can discover our critic , is part of it. It follows Lockhart, a young trader who finds himself trapped in a wellness center in Switzerland, which turns out to be darker and more terrifying than it looks. At melty, we saw it and as much to say that we came out really confused. As if we were emerging from a real nightmare. So, on the occasion of the release of the film in theaters today, we had the idea to remember all those films that turn our minds and leave us a little speechless when leaving the cinema, From Shutter Island to the Sixth Sense . Attention, some spoilers in perspective.
Shutter Island, by Martin Scorsese
Definitely the film that returns the most brain. Teddy Daniels, aka Leonardo DiCaprio, and Chuck Aule (Mark Ruffalo) are sent to an island in a psychiatric hospital where the most dangerous criminals are interned to investigate the disappearance of one of the patients. But in the end, big twist: Teddy is actually the 67th patient, the criminal who killed his wife after discovering that she had drowned their three children. And Chuck, his teammate, is actually his doctor, who has been following him for two years now. Unless the hospital leaders manipulate it so that it becomes their slave? To each his interpretation.
Inception, by Christopher Nolan
In the genre of film ending that perplexed , Inception is not bad either in its kind. It shows Leonardo DiCaprio putting the top on the table of his dining room, the same one that allows him to know if it is in reality. As he heads towards his children, the camera focuses on the top. It wavers but the film ends without anyone knowing. So, dream or reality? We probably never know, Christopher Nolan having always wanted to play the map of ambiguity. “It seemed to be the ideal end,” he said. Ideal for him, but that makes us all crazy.
Fight Club, by David Fincher
David Fincher + psychological thriller = your meninges will be abused. And it is the case in Fight Club and its schizophrenic side, with Brad Pitt in double personality of Edward Norton. A complex but brilliant scenario, which could be summarized by this criticism of Première in 1999: “Fight Club is an openly homo film. Fight Club is not a homo film. Fight Club is a facho film. Fight Club is a libertarian film. Fight Club ends badly. Fight Club ends well ” . Well, it’s still much more complicated in reality.
Sixth Sense, by Mr. Night Shyamalan
We felt that apart from the atmosphere of horror in which we dived with the film with all these anguishing ghosts, there was also a small feeling of uneasiness that lived us during scenes of interactions between Cole Sear, Little boy who has the power to see and speak to the dead, and the psychologist incarnated (brilliantly) by Bruce Willis. That there was something wrong. Then there, the famous twist of end that leaves on the ass: the doctor Malcolm discovers that it is actually dead for a long time. And it is clear that if we had left a few clues throughout the film, we did not suspect anything. Brilliant.
The Shining, by Stanley Kubrick
Much has been focused on the ends of films that turn our minds around, but A Cure For Life, which you can discover the trailer , is more disturbing and glaucous than it is surprising. Whether in its strange characters, or in its place, the sanatorium, a disturbing, oppressive and obscure place. As in a nightmare. A bit like The Shining , in the end, which Gore Verbinski inspired. Between the icy atmosphere of the hotel and the character of Jack Nicholson plunging into the very heart of pure madness, the anxiety rises little by little to never leave us again. And this, for several nights after having seen it. And you, what movie has you most disturbed?

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