A doctor pinned to have prescribed 4 200 days of sick leave

Health 29 June, 2017


Published the 29.06.2017 at 18: 15


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“I didn’t know that there were quotas for arrests disease “, said a general practitioner of Dunkirk (North). Since the 1st of march last, it was seen to impose restrictions on the issuance of judgments for his clients, after having visibly somewhat abused.

“He can still prescribe it, but in a different way, particularly in light of the more serious pathology, adds Laurent Duplessy, deputy director of the Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (CPAM) of Flanders. The goal is to help reduce the number of prescriptions. “

Doctor under supervision

The CPAM blames him all the same to have issued 4 200 days stops diseases, in the space of just four months, the current 2016. Therefore, it is now followed by a medical board referral of the medical service of the CPAM, according to the Voice of The North, who reports the information.

“Apparently, it is not necessary to exceed 3 400 days over a given period of time,” said the doctor. A vision that does not share officially the CPAM : “We fixed statements of requirements compared to a regional average, according to the territory and the patientèle, explains Laurent Duplessy. This doctor was pinned because it is well above this average. Its volume requirements is too large. It stands out very clearly to other practitioners in the sector who have a patientèle equivalent. “

Financial Sanctions

And the doctor was rather interest to bow to the decisions of the CPAM. If the reduction in the number of grants is not satisfactory, it is subject to financial penalties.

The doctor has affixed a poster to the entrance of his cabinet, explaining the situation and stating in big letters ” Quota reached “. Until the end of his test, scheduled for this Friday, June 30, he redirects some of his patients to other doctors in the area.

It is not the only one concerned. Out of the 450 general practitioners managed by the CPAM des Flandres, a dozen would be under surveillance for the same reasons.