A few anecdotes about “Friends” that only big fans have spotted or read

Cinema 22 February, 2017

Either you retain absolutely everything, or you’ve watched the series dozens of times. In any case, it was not easy to capture these details. Come on, we’ll tell you what.
Monica and Chandler apartments change number
At first, Monica lived in apartment # 5. Except that it is not on the ground floor, so one day, the producers discreetly changed to the No. 20. Well then? Same for Chandler, going from 4 to 19 . At least they follow each other and maintain a logic. It’s already that.
The erasable painting on the door of the apartment of Chandler and Joey
In many planes, you can see the small picture with blue borders, with inscriptions on it. Sometimes, simple reminders for Joey like “calls mom”, jokes between roommates like “nice nails chandler” or highly philosophical messages like “Why?”, “Caca” or “Girls forbidden”.
Gabrielle Union was the first black woman to appear
In season 7, she interprets Kristen Lang and makes crazy Ross and Joey , who will fight for her. Like kids, they’re gonna pull out the files. Ross’s failed marriages, Joey’s mediocre career … Blasée, she goes away without they realizing it. It seems she would have chosen Joey. We always hope to have proof of this.
Jennifer Aniston nearly hung up before the end
Several reasons had led her to ask the question. His success already achieved, his promising debut at the cinema (with “Bruce Almighty”), his personal problems and the fear of tired fans, to make the season too much and finish in blood sausage. Finally, she played well in the last season and everyone was relieved.
The actors could have been quite different
First thing: Courtney Cox was to play Rachel . And yeah, on the ass ?! Producers saw it that way but it was she who explained that she was more in line with Monica after reading the script. In competition with other actresses, she was eventually retained. And Matthew Perry would never have been Chandler if Jon Favreau had accepted the role. Finally, Phoebe was to be Ellen DeGeneres. Except she said no, then Lisa Kudrow assured behind.
The characters change their age or dates of birth and it is the brothel
At the beginning, in the first season, Joey explains to be the youngest of the group, with its 25 years. Monica and Rachel follow, one year older. Except that later, when Rachel turns 30, Joey has already blown them … At the same time, Rachel was supposed to be born in May, then in season 7 it is a fish, so came into the world in January or February. And Ross is 29 for three consecutive seasons. Do you have other things in stock?