A letter from Lady Diana reveals Prince William’s reaction to the birth of Harry

Entertainment 23 December, 2016

On September 15, 1984, Lady Diana gave birth to her second son, Harry. Rejoicing at the idea of ​​becoming a big brother, William, then 2 years old, spent all his time covering him with kisses.

When she was still living at Buckingham Palace, Lady Diana was very close to Cyril Dickman, an intendant of the Palace. For several years, the two friends have maintained a correspondence that has been auctioned and in which there is a letter dated 2 March 1985, when the young mother explains how William was upset by the birth of Harry . While many children are hurt the arrival of a little brother or a little sister, the Duke of Cambridge has always been an unconditional love for his younger . ” William loves his little brother and spends all his time to cover Harry kisses and hugs, it barely leaves the parents to approach!” , Reads an excerpt published by the website The Mirror .
In this letter, the late Princess has also been very moved by the welcome the British people booked at little Harry and was even called ” submerged ” by such kindness . Judging by what she had said, Charles and she had received so many bouquets that they could barely breathe so much that their home was invaded by flowers. Failing to be a fulfilled wife , the late Princess Diana was a happy mom and filled with the love that united her two son.