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Entertainment 15 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

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In 2013, Johnny Hallyday released autobiography, In my eyes, co-written with Amanda Sthers, in which is painted a portrait in vitriol of Adeline Blondieau, ex-wife of the rocker. It has, at the time, published a letter against the writer, unearthed by Twitter since the death of the Taulier. Edifying.

Adeline Blondieau has married two times, Johnny Hallyday, in 1990 and 1994. The former couple was known then that the facilitator was still only a young teenager of 14 years old, his father Long Chris was a friend of and lyricist for the rocker. Their relationship has evolved quickly, they are married then that Adeline Blondieau was just 18 years old. Their love of passion that will have been because of the torque, that is definitely separated in 1995.

Johnny Hallyday has mentioned his history with the famous Caroline de Under the sun in his autobiography, co-written with Amanda Sthers, In my eyes, released in 2013. The book provides a portrait of little appreciative of the actress – “She would arrive every night to play with the fire that I was,” can we read – which did not please the interested. At the time of the release, it had published a letter to the vitriol in the columns of the Point, unearthed by Twitter after the death of Johnny Hallyday, denouncing the humiliation suffered in the pages of the biography. “You give me in this book, a special place, both by the violence of the passages which have been consecrated to me by the space that I occupy, almost two pages uplifting, issued a stinging rebuke to Adeline Blondieau.

Do you know, Madame, that you mention here a 14-year-old, who naively had taken for a mad love, an extraordinary love, the game of an adult of 43 years. Have you asked, him or me joined the other in his room, in the silence of the night, when alcohol had done its effect ? It was not me. At 14 years old still a virgin, I don’t have represented in my opinion not a great danger for a man who has lived his life. At this time, he spoke to me of our love crazy, and this is because it could not be otherwise than a few years later, the summer of my 18 years, I accepted his proposal of marriage. I loved this man more than anything, to the point of thinking that I would take out the demon of drink”, continued she. The case was settled before the court : Adeline Blondieau has filed a complaint for defamation. During the hearing, the ex-wife has accused the rocker of raping her, when she was a teenager.


Johnny Hallyday, Adeline Blondieau

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